Karabo Khakhu biograghy aka Jelly Babie, Real name and Age.

Karabo Khakhu
Karabo Khakhu aka Jelly Babie

Karabo Khakhu, born January 27, 2006, is a South African Barcadi singer and dancer. She is known by her stage name, Jelly Babie.  She is 18 years old as of 2024.

Biography of Karabo Khakhu

Name: Karabo Khakhu
Age: 18 years old.
Date of birth: January 27, 2006
Place of Birth: Mabopane in Hammankraal
Occapation: Dancer and Singer
Nationality: South African
Stage Name: Jelly Babie

Who is Jelly Babie, aka Karabo Khakhu?

Jelly Babie’s real name is Karabo Khakhu. She originally comes from a small township in Mabopane, Hammankraal. Jelly Babie’s parents are unknown, but one parent is present, which is her mother. She cherishes her because she is her biggest supporter.

Why did Jelly Babie leave school?

Jelly Babie didn’t finish school; she dropped out while she was in grade 11. This happened after the death of musician Vusi R5. She said that the whole attention she got from school after the death of Vusi made her lose focus at school. So she decided to quit school. Vusi R5 was her mentor in the music industry. She doesn’t have any qualifications so far.

Karabo Khakhu

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Career journey of Karabo Khakhu (Jelly Babie).

Jelly Babie began her music career when she was 16 years old. She was part of the group of Vusi MaR5. Unfortunately, she was cut off from the group because of her behavior. She didn’t know how to relate to people, so they parted ways with her. On that issue, she responded that she doesn’t love people.

Her career continued despite the ups and downs. She dropped any albulm in 2023, where she featured singer Pabi Cooper. She has collaborated with different artists so far during gigs and so forth. Jelly Babie is not only a singer; she is also a good dancer. Most people are entertained by her dancing.

Personal life of Karabo Khakhu

In one of the podcasts, she was asked if she was dating. She responded by saying that she was not dating. If she is dating, it might be now because this happened sometimes ago.

What is the story behind Jelly Babie?

Karabo, who is known as Jelly Babie, has been trending on social media. This happened after she had an altercation with a cashier at Big Save. Jelly Babie took a video in which she was insulting a cashier at Big Save in Mabopane. She called her names such as “dog’ and “fool.” She continued by saying that she was nothing compared to her. The video went viral, and a lot of people were enraged by her disrespectful video. A lot of her fans unfollow her. She had 600,000 followers on TikTok, and they unfollowed her until it was lower to 100,000. After realizing that she was falling, she went to Big Save to apologize. We saw a video of her apologizing to the cashier and the staff at Big Save. Apologies were accepted, but a lot of people are not convinced. She is still apologizing, to the point that she invited the cashier to her gig.

Jelly Babie

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