Sigin Ojulu

Sigin Ojulu biography, Age, Nationality and Career.

Sigin Ojulu
Sigin Ojulu

Sigin Ojulu is a Sudanese actress, director, filmmaker, and model. She was born on June 24. She directed several films, such as We Are Kings and FLOTUS. Currently, as of 2024, she is portraying a character as Razia on Muvhango in SABC 1.

Biography of Sigin Ojulu

Name: Sigin Ojulu
Date of birth: June 24
Place of birth: South Sudan
Age: Unknown
Occupation: actress, director, filmmaker, and model.
Nationality: Sudanese
Gender: Female
Instagram: nubia.travels @sigin_ojulu
Known as: Razia from Muvhango

Early life

Sigin Ojulu is a Sudanese actress, director, filmmaker, and model. Her date of birth is June 24. Sigin Ojulu’s age is currently unknown. She might be in her 30s or 20s. She was born in South Sudan and relocated to the United States of America. She resided there as a refugee with her parents. Her parents fled Sudan because of the racial and religious oppression that was taking place.

Educational background

Since she relocated to America as a child, she attended school there. She attended the University of Southern California, where she obtained her degree in film.

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Career journey in acting.

She started off her career after being on camera as a model and her involvement in a pageant. Later, during her study of film, she became interested and pursued the passion. She did a film during her thesis called Code Switch, a horror movie. The movie received recognition all over the world and has received multiple awards.

Sigin directed short films such as Code Switch, Silence, Flotus, and We Are Kings.

The Sudanese actress has multiple talents; she is also a writer and a musician. She once collaborated with DJs such as Black Coffee. Also, she is into traveling to different countries across the globe. She has an account on Instagram called nubia.travels @sigin_ojulu, where she shares her travel experiences.

In 2024, Sigin Ojulu bagged a role to act in South Africa. She is portraying a character named Razia. Razia is a refugee. The storyline resembles her true life story because she was a refugee in America as well.

Sigin Ojulu
Sigin Ojulu

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Personal life history

Razia doesn’t share much information about her personal life history. It’s unknown if she has a boyfriend or if she is married.

Sigin Ojulu on social media.

She has a Facebook account, but it’s not really active most of the time. She goes by the name Sigin Ojulu. On Instagram, she goes by the name nubia.travels, @sigin_ojulu. Also, she is on TikTok.

Sigin Ojulu
Sigin Ojulu