28 Celebrities who went broke in South Africa.

Celebrities who went broke.

These are 28 South African celebrities who went broke. They fell from being rich to being poor.

28 Celebrities who went broke in South Africa.

1. Zahara is a South African best known musician. Her popular songs were sold out that she earned a lot of money from it. She managed to buy herself a house and other things. Suddenly she went broke and her house was about to be repossessed. Zahara went all the to ask for donations to her fans and to good Samaritans. Luckily they helped her to pay for a house and to be back on her feet.

2. Thembi Seete is a South African well known Actress. She was also broke at some point. Talking to Somizi on an interview she revealed that she was broke and couldn’t manage to pay some of the bills.

3. Dr Malinga is a South African musician who is well known for his popular song Ovhaya Orlando. In an interview with Maq G, he broke in tears that he is broke and he owes SARS some money. At that SARS promised to repossessed his house if he failed to pay a certain amount. Most people felt sorry for him and donated an amount which he paid to SARS. Unfortunately he lost all of furniture at first after SARS took it.

4. Aka who was a famous singer once went broke. It was during lockdown when he posted on twitter that he was broke. A lot of couldn’t believe him but he also told them that two of his car repossessed. Unfortunately he passed away.

5. Somizi is a South African media personality and choreographer. On several occasions he revealed that he was broke. His house was about to be repossessed. He then called his mother who helped him. Unfortunately his mother passed away and we don’t know this time who will rescue him.

6. Nathi is very popular musician in South Africa. He was reported being broke. According to Zalebs, Nathi was broke and couldn’t make ends meet. Nathi responded back on twitter said people must not spread lies.

7. Casper nyovest is a South African best musician in South Africa. He was broke at some point. He couldn’t get gigs and not afford to pay his bills. He once posted about 15k electricity bill that he had to pay. During that things were not going well for him, he had nothing.

8. Fiesta black is also a musician who went broke. After being famous for some time, she was so broke because being paid peanuts. The production company paid her less than she deserves. On interview with Maq G she revealed that she is staying in a shack that’s how broke she was.

9. Ricky Rick was a South African best rapper in South Africa. During lockdown he was broke. Some of his businesses such as his barber was not making money because of lockdown. He said that things were not going well for him. Since from then he was so depressed and together with some of his demons catching up with him. He committed suicide and he passed away.

10. Portia Modise is a former Banyana Banyana soccer player. A lot of people were expecting to see a higher standard of living from Portia but her story was different. Although she was playing for national team she was not getting enough money. She was always broke and was leaving in a shack. She blamed everything on bosses who were not paying her.

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11. Brenda Fassie was a South African musician. She was famous all over Africa. At some point she was broke and was also into drug. Maybe she spent most of her money on drugs. She died after reported overdose some drugs.

12. Zola 7 also went broke. Someone took a video of him looking skin and broke. Fans were broken to see one of famous musician suffering. They decided to donate money to him and other celebrities such as MMA Mkhize came to the rescue and helped him.

13. Vusi Thanda is a South African Actor. He appeared on different drama series and Soapies. It was shoking after he appeared to the public looking for donations because he was broke. A lot of people couldn’t believe it but it was true that he was broke. His last hope was donations. Some people thought that these actors are being exploited.

14. Sophie Ndaba is a South African actress who is well known for acting on Generations. She was broke that she failed to pay her for the bond of the house. Her house was about to be repossessed. We don’t know how she managed find a way to pay for that bill.

15. DJ Clock is a South African entertainer. He appeared on daily Sun newspaper looking for help. He took a loan from Absa to buy a house. Due to COVID 19, he couldn’t make money and was broke. So he went out to seek for donations to save his house from being repossessed.

16. Babes Wodumo is South African musician and dancer. After being famous she blow out all her money. She recovered some of her money after getting married to her husband, who was also musician. Unfortunately her husband died and making music is harder since she has a child. It was reported that Babes Wodumo is now back to her parents house with son.

17. King Monada became famous for his song called Ska Bora moreki. His networth was very high. Due to the competition in music, his networth drops. Some of his cars were also repossessed which means he was broke and couldn’t pay his bills. Later he recovered from being broke, he even bought another car and built a nice house.

18. Emtee is a South African musician. He was famous before but his fame made him broke. He blamed the recording level for paying him less money like R20 000 per month. He revealed this through an interview with Maq G.

19. Teko Modise is former Bafana Bafana soccer player. He was very rich during his time when he was a soccer player. He earned an estimated amount of R450 000 per month. Due to his age he retired. He started to be broke with nothing to do.

20. Kelly Khumalo is well known South African singer. She started being from 2019. This happened because of the case of Senzo Meyiwa. She was accused of killing him. Such news affected her music badly that she is struggling to recover from being broke.

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21. Jacob Zuma is former president of South Africa. A lot of people might not believe that he was broke. Jacob Zuma was broke after failed to pay his legal payment. He went to the level of begging from his fans for donations to pay for his legal payment.

22. Lady Zamar is a South African musician. She was very famous until the time she accused Sjava for raping her. Since then nobody wanted to buy her music. Her networth drops from being high to the lowest.

23. Hugh Masebenza is a South African Actor and commercial advertiser. He was reported being broke that he was seen begging in the street. He also got into a an accident which made the matter worse.

24. Innocent Masuku is a South African Actor. He is well known for acting on Rhythm city and other drama series. He went broke after he was introduced to drugs. He revealed that he spent almost R500 000 on drugs. Luckily he managed to overcame his addiction. He has been sober for some years now.

25. Brickz is South African musician who used to be famous. He ruined his career after he was accused of raping a his relative. Since then his music stop being played anywhere. He is in prison and broke. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

26. Chippa whose real name is Steve Lekeolea is South African soccer player. He played for Orlando Pirates and Morocco swallows. Since he was paid a lot of money he decided to retire at a young. Sadly he misused the money and was broke. He even asked to go back to play soccer but his age couldn’t allow him.

27. Pitch black afro is South African musician. His music was sold out that he earned a lot money. He misused the money and also became broke. The singer was also arrested for killing his wife and was imprisoned to 75 years.

28. Lerato Shabangu is South African soccer player who played for Mamelodi Sundowns and national team Bafana Bafana. He went broke after he was dumped by Chippa United. He lost his house and car even his wife left him.