Phindile Gwala Ngandu love story.

Phindile Gwala

How Phindile Gwala met her now husband Armando Ngandu?

Before getting into detail about their love story. We need to know who is Phindile Gwala, her previous marriage, her daughter and Armando Ngandu. Phindile Gwala is a South African actress who is best known as Nonny from Muvhango or Fikile on Imbewu. She was born December 1986 in Eshowe KwaZulu-Natal.
Armando Ngandu who is her husband is a Congolese model.

Before Phindile Gwala got married to Armando Ngandu, she was married before. During her first marriage she was blessed with one daughter. Sadly, the marriage ended by the death of her husband who died in an accident. He died and left her wife with a little girl. Since from that time Phindile Gwala was in and out of relationships. She was definitely tired of those toxic relationships and gave up on love.

As heartbroken as she was, she kept moving on. One Day, Phindile decided to go out in a Park in Johannesburg. She described the day as boring because she had a fight with another guy that day. The guy sexual assaulted her by beating her bum which resulted in a fight where by she beated that guy. So as she was walking out to her car, she then met Armando Ngandu. He tried to talk to her but due to her bad day she drove away.


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Armando was not yet giving up on her love of her life. So he made a plan to get the numbers of Gwala from a mutual friend of hers. This happened after 3 months since their first time at the park. After getting the number Armando texted her on WhatsApp. Phindile got a message from WhatsApp but couldn’t recognize the number. At first she was not even interested but the guy was up to something serious. They texted back and fourth until they decided to met for the first time.

The time Phindile met Armando on their first date, she knew that he was the one. She said that he was handsome, smart, romantic and caring and that melted her heart until now. The first kiss changed everything about her. There was chemistry that she couldn’t explain. At first her husband didn’t know that she appeared on Television but that didn’t change his love for her.They dated for almost 3 years and got married. The two got married in a traditional wedding which was a private wedding on December Christmas. In 2022, they will be celebrating 4 years in marriage.

At the moment, the two are concentrating on their children while also strengthening their marriage. Having more children is something that is currently off the table. According to them, the topic of having more children may come up in the future — just not now. Her husband has brought a positive view to Phindile’s life, he encouraged her to use her business management qualification and venture into business with him. The couple currently co-own a business called Lotha’s Car Wash and Shisanyama.

Phindile Gwala Ngandu and her husband Armando Ngandu

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