Somizi sexuality causes confusion after revealed this.


Somizi Mhlongo who is South African television personality and Choreographer is well known as a gay.

Despite the fact that he had a child from a previous relationship. Most people assumed he was gay and no longer attracted to women. His baby mama recently admitted that she had no idea he was gay. The ex-girlfriend found out after she became pregnant.

Somizi frequently stated on social media that his girlfriend was aware of his sexual orientation. He claimed she was aware of his bisexuality, which means he was attracted to both genders.

Somizi revealed in another interview with Kaya FM that he enjoyed making the baby. He went on to say that he was in a relationship with a woman five years ago. He wasn’t in a relationship, but he liked it. He used to believe he was gay, then bisexual, and now he believes he is pansexual.


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The SA Idol judge further said that he’s attracted to whoever he’s attracted to at any given time. He is not attracted to a particular gender, but rather to the vibes and chemistry with that person. It could be a man, a woman, or a transgender person, but not an animal.

The older he gets, the more he discovers about himself. Somizi said he’s curious, and that’s fine with him. It’s fine if he confuses people as long as he doesn’t confuse the person he’s with at the time.

Here is what he revealed

Asked if he enjoyed making the baby, he responded: “I absolutely enjoyed making the baby.”

He further revealed that the last time he was with a woman was five years ago.

“It wasn’t a relationship and I enjoyed it. At some point I thought I was gay, but then again I thought I was bi-sexual, but now I think I’m pansexual.

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“This means I’m attracted to whoever I’m attracted to at that time. I’m not attracted to a specific gender, but it’s the vibes and the chemistry with that person. It could be a guy or a woman ora transgender person but not animals,” he said.

Somizi said he does not want to be boxed in.

“The more I get older is the more I find myself. I’m exploring and it’s okay. If I’m confusing people it’s fine as long as I’m not confusing the person I’m with at that time,” he said