Angela Atlang

Angela Atlang, real name, age, education, career, personal life

Angela Atlang
Angela Atlang

Angela Atlang, a Botswana-born actress and model who became 28 years old on November 4, 1995, is most known for her role as Itseng Motsamai on the television show Muvhango. She is the estranged sister of James Motsami.

Biography of Angela Atlang

Full name : Angela Atlang
Gender : Female
Age : 27 years old
Date of birth : 4 November 1995
Place of birth : Maun, Botswana
Nationality : Botswana
Occupation : actress
Known as : Itseng Motsamai from Muvhango

Early life of Angela Atlang

At the moment, Angela Atlang is 27 years old. Given that the actress was born on November 4, 1995, she will turn 28 on November 2023. Although not much is known about Angela Atlang’s parents, it is known that Jeanie Atlang is the mother. She has three younger brothers in addition to being the first kid. Because her parents had jobs in Durban, South Africa, she resided with a relative in that country.

Atlang comes from a household with only one parent. She claimed that having to take on the duty of looking after her younger brothers had a big impact on her character. The actress said in an interview that she lived in rather disadvantaged circumstances as a child. She said that.

Education of Angela Atlang

Angela received a Best Actress Diploma while she was a junior in high school. Angela enrolled in the University of Botswana after completing her matriculation. She enrolled in AAT (accounting) at UOB since she had been informed that acting had no future in Botswana.

But in the middle of the semester, she decided to leave. The next year, she enrolled at the same university to study theater and the arts, and by 2018, she had earned a bachelor’s degree in theater arts.

Angela Atlang

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Career of Angela Atlang

Before coming to Muvhango, Angela had already started her acting career while pursuing her theatre arts degree at the University of Botswana. She had gone to auditions and been cast in other productions in Botswana. Unfortunately, the drama was never broadcast. This includes Maraledi (Makgabaneng) and her role as a production assistant under wardrobe.

She participated in the Hisgalus Films group’s 48 Hour Film project in 2014, which went on to place second and take home the Best Supporting Actress Award. She starred in the Lepatata Arts Ensemble’s 2017 theater production of KG’OESAKENI: The Dancer Musical.

Itseng Motsamai, who made her acting debut in 2021, is James Motsamai’s (played by Dingaan Khumalo) estranged sister. Angela saw a post for Muvhango auditions after graduating and earning her degree in 2018, so she went. She also participated in stage productions outside of the university in 2019, such as Kabo Timela’s “Broke, Broken and Alone” theater production.

Mrs. Atlang worked with artists from Botswana in a number of advertisements and music videos as a model. She has also served as a model for businesses like Ebony Hair and many others. The celebrity enjoys music; in 2016, she attempted to release a song by the name of Blesser, but she later withdrew it because she preferred music that was more in keeping with her Christian beliefs.

Angela Atlang
Angela Atlang

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Personal life of Angela Atlang

Angela, an actress, leads a private life. Yet, it remains unknown who Angela Atlang’s boyfriend is. Yet, she is a devout Christian and is not afraid to offer advice based on her religious convictions. The aspiring models and musicians are amazing at helping the less fortunate. Recent photos of Angela Atlang demonstrate how she feeds the homeless on the streets of Johannesburg, South Africa. She also denies enjoying sports, despite going to the gym frequently to stay in shape. The Muvhango actress enjoys eating, but she won’t consume any pork, lamb, or seafood due to its religious connotations.