Baby Cele

Baby Cele biography AKA Gabisile from Uzalo.

Baby Cele
Baby Cele

Baby Cele Maloka populary known as Gabisile on Uzalo soapie.

Name: Baby Cele Maloka

Born :22 March 1972
Place of birth: Umlazi KwaZulu Natal.

Nationality: South African

Occupation: Actress

Personal life history

Baby Cele Maloka is a South African actress and Sangoma. She has been a sangoma for almost 18 years now. Also she said being a Sangoma is a family thing. Her Mom was a traditional healer and her grandfather was Inyanga. She was born 22 March 1972 in Umlazi KwaZulu Natal. And she is married to Thabo Maloka since 2017 and have two children. The first child Yolisa is from her first marriage. The second one Thabo is from her second marriage. They are no news about her having kids in her third marriage.

Baby Cele

She said that when she started acting on Uzalo in 2018. She signed a contract without telling her husband and after she had to relocated to Durban.The husband was a bit angry about Baby’s decision but they agreed at the end. She recalled that all this was part of listening to her calling. “You just need to listen. To me, listening is an art because if you listen, you get the answers,” she said.She also said that the move helped her grow spiritually.So she moved to Durban with her two children Yolisa and Thando and left the husband in Johannesburg.

Baby Cele

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“At first, I thought I was going to face challenges. I had just got married then I had to move. I remember I signed the contract without talking to my husband about it. But afterwards, we spoke about. He was a bit angry for a few minutes but then he agreed,” she said.

“For me to go down there, it was for me to go through my calling. I am a sangoma and also an actress. There was something else t I had to fulfil spiritually which has been in my visions for a period of time. I never understood that it had to take me to go to Durban to fulfil all that,” Baby said.

Baby Cele

Baby Cele marriage history.

She got married at young age to her first husband. Cele described him as monster because she used to abuse her. Also she said that her friends once told her to leave the husband but she was afraid. She was scared that the abusive husband was going to follow her. At a later stage she divorced him and that was her first marriage. After some time she got married again to another man called Mandla Mabuza.The relationship didn’t not last and they divorced since they got did a traditional wedding.The reason for the divorce was not stated and that was her second marriage.

In 2017, Baby Cele was married again for third time to Thabo Maloka.The couple are still married although there were challenges.The issue was after they just got married, Baby Cele signed a Contract which made her to relocate in Durban while the husband was left in Johannesburg. The couple started a long distance relationship and visiting each other often.

Baby’s career in acting.

She started acting on Backstage as Katlego Rathebe for almost 8 years.The character from Backstage made her popular and famous. Also she played a character called Portia on SABC 1 on My perfect Family. In 2011 she acted in Shreads and Dreams. In 2012 to 2013 she protrayed a character called Silindile on Inkaba. She was also a member of Sarafina musical drama. She was starred in a movie Zabalaza and she acted in Isidingo as well. In 2018 she joined Uzalo portrayed a character called Gabisile. She exited the soapie early this year after her character was axed and died. She shared that she was heartbroken to leave Uzalo because it was her family. Although she exited, the producers manages to bring her character back.

Although she left Uzalo,she is working on another soapie being aired on etv. The soapie called House of Zwide. She will be potraying another character different from Gabisile from Uzalo. She will be potraying a character called Mrs Nkosi on House of Zwide.


Vita Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role

All Africa Film Award for Most Promising Newcomer Golden Horn

Award for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Soap (nomination) Golden Horn

Award for Best Actress in a TV Comedy (nomination)