Beatrice Mudzingwa AKA Bee Wezhira Biography.

Beatrice Mudzingwa
Beatrice Mudzingwa

Beatrice Mudzingwa who is well known for her other name as Bee Wezhira is a Zimbabwean Comedian. She is best known for her acting character as Senzeni. Her founded character “Senzeni” is mentally disturbed which is opposite of who she is in real life. She was in April in 1990s.

Beatrice real name, age, skits, husband and children.

Name: Beatrice Mudzingwa
Gender: Female
Age: 26-30
Date of birth: 8 April 1990s
Place of birth: Masvingo in Zimbabwe
Occupation: Teacher and Comedian
Known as: Senzeni or Bee Wezhira
Twitter: @BWezhira
Instagram: Bee weZhira@beewezhira

Early life

Bee Wezhira or Senzeni real name is Beatrice Mudzingwa. She was born in Masvingo in Chivi district in Zimbabwe. Bee Wezhira is around 26 to 30 years of age. Her actual date of birth is 8 April . She came from a family of 4, she has two sisters and two brothers. Bee didn’t reveal if she is first born or last. Her parents are still alive and are staying in the villages in Masvingo.

In 2014, her parents were displayed by the floodings that took place in Masvingo. Unfortunately she also lost her sister the same year.

Educational background

She attended Zunga primary School and Neruvanga High School. Later she enrolled to study at Masvingo Great Zimbabwe University. She studied Bachelor of Education from 2014 to 2019. After she graduated as a qualified High School teacher.

Beatrice Mudzingwa

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Beatrice Mudzingwa husband and married.

In 2023, she shared pictures of her wedding alone. Her fans were congratulating her but they were curious to see the husband. Since she started being famous, she always keep her private life a secret. The Herald newspaper in Zimbabwe tried to reach out about her wedding. She told them she is not going to reveal who she got married to. Beatrice confirmed that the wedding took place 2 weeks ago and it was a secret wedding.

Bee Wezhira at her wedding
Who is Bee Wezhira husband?

Nothing is hidden forever. Beatrice Mudzingwa’s husband is cleric by the name of Sean Delroy Gweta. He is based in South Africa. Although Bee tried to hide her husband from the public, it happened that her husband posted their wedding photo on Facebook. His friends were congratulating him for their union. This is how the secret came out.

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How did Beatrice Mudzingwa’s career started.?

Beatrice started working as temporary teacher in Gokwe. She also worked as Receptionist at a hotel, unfortunately her job ended due to COVID 19 in 2020. During that lockdown, she then decided to do skits.

Beatrice was not always on social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube even Instagram. She used to be on WhatsApp most of the time. Just because of Lockdown she opened account on Tik Tok. From tik Tok she went to open her Facebook account. She began by posting her tik Tok video which gained more likes. As people recognised her talent, she opened a Facebook page where she started to post her skits. People liked her skits and made her page to grow. At the same time she was having a YouTube channel. She pushed until she gained more followers and viewers on both platforms.

Bee Wezhira as Senzeni

Her character as Senzeni is the most loved character. It’s difficult for people distinguish between Senzeni and Bee Wezhira. It’s like Senzeni is her real character. Beatrice is different from her character as Senzeni. Senzeni is mentally disturbed even the way she dressed is old fashion.