Enzo Ishall

Enzo Ishall real name, age, education, career, Networth

Enzo Ishall
Enzo Ishall

On April 23, 1994, Zimbabwean artist and Zimdancehall icon Enzo Ishall was born.”Kanjiva,” “50 Magate,” and “Mhamha,” all of which were published in September 2019, are some of Enzo Ishall’s well-known songs. The songs were created by the Mbare-based record label Chillspot Records. Ishall also refers to himself as “Stallion.”

Biography profile of Enzo Ishall

Full name  : Stephen Kudzanai Mamhere
Gender  : Male
Age : 29 years old
Date of birth  : 23 April 1994
Place of birth  : Mabvuku, Harare
Nationality  : Zimbabwean
Occupation   : Singer
Instagram  : @enzoIshall

Enzo Ishall’s Early life

Stephen Kudzanai Mamhare, commonly known as Enzo Ishall, was born at the Mabvuku Maternity Clinic in Mabvuku. He developed an interest in dancehall music at the young age of 6, and when he was in primary school, he began writing songs. He realized that his only option of overcoming the challenges he endured as a young man would be through music.

After receiving his degree, he got to know Fantan and Levels, the founders of Chill Spot Records, the record company he signed to. He recorded his first song at the age of 15. He released his debut single, “Chiita Kwacho,” in 2018, and that helped him gain some recognition. He got a lot of attention after the release of “Kanjiva,” which garnered multiple accolades and made him well-known in the Dancehall scene.

Education of Enzo Ishall

He Ishall attended Phoenix College for his Advanced Level, where he received 7 points, and Churchill Boys High for his Ordinary Level.

Enzo Ishall
Enzo Ishall

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Career of Enzo Ishall

The rapid success of Enzo Ishall in the Zimbabwean music industry astonished a lot of people. He shot to stardom after the release of the song “Kanjiva.” Because of the dance skills displayed in the music video, it became more well-known. He later went on to win the “Best Video” Award at the 2018 Coca-Cola Top 50 Awards. He has also received a number of other honors and has a big fan base both within and outside of the country.

In January 2020, Enzo Ishall and Teemak Promotions agreed to a three-year contract in which he would be paid on a monthly basis for his upkeep, tours, and video and recording costs. The deal was estimated to be valued around $100,000.

In a June 2021 interview with Power FM, he informed Chamvary that they had amicably canceled the agreement.

Contract with  Passion Java

Dancehall superstar Enzo Ishall reportedly received R200 000 from Passion Java in exchange for terminating his contract with the record company Chillspot Records, situated in Mbare.

In January 2020, when Teemak signed Enzo Ishall, Passion Java threatened to sue both parties. Levelz went on to say that while  Ishall was signed to Chillspot Records, Passion Java bought him a car and had been covering his rent among other things.

On June 23, 2021, he claimed to have reconciled with Passion Java and that they would start working together once more.

Enzo Ishall
Enzo Ishall

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Personal life of Enzo Ishall

Enzo Ishall married Trish before he rose to fame in the music industry. The pair has a son together.

He stated that he moved home with his parents and was divorced from his wife months later after being attacked by her on Christmas Day (about a WhatsApp status he published). He revealed that she had been abusive to him from the beginning and had assaulted him every day because he had not paid her brideprice.

Enzo Ishall
Enzo Ishall and his son

Awards  of Enzo Ishall

1. “Best Video” 2018 Coca Cola top 50 awards
2. “Best Newcomer” & “Best Zimdancehall” 2019 Star FM Music Awards
3. “Song of the Year” NAMAs, etc.