Langalakhe Zwane biography AKA Macingwane from Imbewu

Langalakhe Zwane

Langalakhe Zwane

Langalakhe Zwane is known for acting as Macingwane on Imbewu.

Name: Langalakhe Zwane

Born: 1955

From: Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal.

Occupation: Actor

Personal life history

Langalakhe Zwane is a South African actor. He was born 1955 and he comes from Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal. Most people do not know him that much but they just resemble him to Morgan Freeman.

Langalakhe Career in acting.

Mr Zwane is not famous yet in the industry of Entertainment. He started his acting 2018 on Imbewu. It is the first acting ever since the time he was born. At the age 63 that’s when the journey of him acting started. In the soapie Imbewu, he is acting as a family Sangoma, Sangoma for the Bhengu family.
As visionary of the Bhengu family, he always warned them about any coming dangers. Especially dangers that may cost people’s lives or destroy the family.

Langalakhe Zwane

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The lookalike of Morgan Freeman.

When he started acting on Imbewu, most people thought it was Morgan Freeman coming to act in South Africa. He trended on Twitter, other people said ‘how this can bring Morgan Freeman to act in South Africa’.
‘Morgan Freeman who speaks Zulu’. All people were surprised since it was new face started to appear for the first time on the Screen. They didn’t have any idea who was he, they called him ‘Sangoma from Imbewu’.

Langalakhe Zwane

On his interview with Daily Sun, Langalakhe shared that there was a company in Kenya that wanted him to act as Morgan Freeman. This happened after he first appeared on Imbewu as well as trended on Twitter. His acting on Imbewu opened doors for him.
Sharing with Daily Sun he said he like Morgan Freeman because he started acting at old age. Morgan Freeman also started acting in his old age.

Also he wants to meet this man who is said they are lookalike. It will be a dream come true for Zwane. If it wasn’t for him he couldn’t recognized by the Kenya. He is very thankful for this man popularity that made him also famous. Langalakhe is so expectant to meet this man in the future.

Langalakhe Zwane and his lookalike Morgan Freeman
Langalakhe Zwane and his lookalike Morgan Freeman

Who is the man who look like Langalakhe?

Morgan Freeman is American actor, director and narrator. He begun his acting at his old age in 40s.