Lesley Nkosi

Lesley Nkosi biography, age, children and wife.

Lesley Nkosi
Lesley Nkosi

Lesley Nkosi is a South African actor who is best known for playing a character as The Guide on Scandal. Who is the Guide from Scandal in real life. Let’s dive into the story and find out.

Biography of Lesley Nkosi

Name: Lesley Nkosi
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Occupation: Actor, Director, Lecturer and Voice over artist.
Languages: English, isiXhosa, isiZulu & Sesotho
Place of birth: Unknown
Current location: Johannesburg
Age: Unknown
Date of birth: Unknown
Known as: The Guide

Early life

Lesley Nkosi who potrayed a character as the Guide on Scandal wear so many hats. He is a Managing director, Lecturer, Actor and Voice over artist e.t.c. Lesley currently resides in the capital city of Johannesburg in South Africa. It’s unknown where he comes from. A lot of people who has a surname like “Nkosi” mostly originated from KwaZulu Natal. Possibly, he is from Zulu or Xhosa people.

Lesley grew up with his mother and father staying together from young age. It happened that his father was abusive to his mother during that time. So they separated and Nkosi grew up without his father. This destroyed his innermost man that it took the Grace of God that he finds peace at last. The decision that he made to believe in God is the best because it took away the dark side of life that destroyed him at young age.

Personal life

According to his social media, he is a husband which means he has a wife. Not only that, he has two beautiful children. He is a good father to his children.

Educational background

Lesley is one of the most educated person who is a holder of Master Degree. He specialises in Dramatic Arts. This made him to became a Lecturer for Drama for Life at University of Witwatersrand. There is no information about where he attended his primary and secondary school. It’s evidence that he excelled at school that’s why he has a Master’s degree.

Lesley Nkosi
Lesley Nkosi

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Career journey

As someone who specialises in Dramatic Arts and community development. He founded an organisation called Lesley Holdings Rehumanising. He worked as a lecturer, voice over artist and a managing director for his organisation. He is also a content creator as well as an actor.

A lot of people saw him for the first time on Scandal but he has been into acting for some time. He acted on Generations, the Docket, Sokhulu and Partners and Isibaya. Also he appeared on several theatrical productions.

The Guide from Scandal

Within a short period of time, the Guide was very famous for his dodgy behaviour. He appeared as innocent guy but very dangerous. The story was short and informative. Unfortunately we lost his character.



-The Docket-Support-2017

-Sokhulu and Partners-Lawyer Support-2015


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Theatre Production-Role Year

-Jobe Lloburg theatre) Director CAYA (Soweto theatre: Director

Lesley Nkosi

Commercials Production-Role Year

-Ford Lead 2021 Avibob Lead 2020

-FNB-Lead (Dad)-2019

-Wimpy Lead-2019

-suzu-Ineland Davenport Dad (Lead)-2017

-Centrum-Fresh Eye-Dad (Lead-2017


-Discovery Insure-Husband (Lead)-2016