Mbhoni Mboweni, real name, personal life and career

Mbhoni Mbongeni
Mbhoni Mbongeni

Mbhoni mboweni is a South African actress known for playing the role of Katekani Maringa on the show Giyani Land of Blood. She was born 23 May 1991, age 32 years old as of 2023.

Biography profile of Mbhoni mboweni

Full name : Mbhoni Mboweni
Gender : Female
Age : 32 years old
Date of birth : 23 May 1991
Place of birth : Ka-Nyavani, Limpopo in South Africa
Nationality : South African
Occupation : Actress

Early life

Mbhoni Mboweni was born in Limpopo province in South Africa. Her date of birth is on the 23rd of May 1991. As of 2023 she is 32 years old. Mbhoni is originally from Limpopo province in Ka-Nyavani but she is currently staying in Pretoria. She is able to speak English, Sesotho and her native language Xitsonga. The actress is very proud to show her parents on social media. Usually she post about their birthdays and how special they are to her. She also has a brother, it’s unknown if she is her blood sibling.

Education of Mbhoni Mboweni

According to her Facebook she went to Providence Academy. She also studied at City Varsity and at Capsicum Culinary Studio. She didn’t specify what she studied at those institutions.

Mbhoni Mbongeni
Mbhoni Mbongeni

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Career of Mbhoni Mboweni

When she was a little girl, she have always been the kind who enjoys working quietly with others. She remarked, “I’ve always been the same person, but there were a few things that my ideas and thoughts then were lacking, and now I am the older version of myself, more mature, more responsible, and more loving.

According to her, acting has never been a hobby for her because she has always wanted to do it. She like stage plays to movies, but she wasn’t exposed to them much growing up in a village where the only TV programs we had access to were Muvhango, Generations, and Soul City. My favorite soap opera was Muvhango because Doobsie reminded me so much of myself and she’d always wanted to play a demanding, sarcastic character like her .

Mbhoni considers herself to be a talented actress, therefore the thought that she almost abandoned the career she has always loved genuinely tears her heart occasionally. She claimed that choosing a professional route for acting was quite difficult, especially given that in society acting is not seen as a profession.

Mbhoni Mbongeni
Mbhoni Mbongeni

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She named Sello Maake Ka Ncube as her favorite actor, explaining that he is extremely skilled and capable of excelling in any part. When SunBuzz questioned her about how she felt about attending the Giyani Land of Blood auditions, she replied that she wasn’t sure if they would like her.

I kept telling myself I rocked the audition and got the part, but there was a voice in the back of my head that kept whispering, “Leave a place for disappointment,” so I was feeling conflicted, she added.

Personal life

Mbhoni is not just into acting. She has a business where by they do Carter different types of food. Also she sell hot sauce that she produced.