Moshine Mametja biography, age,career, boyfriend, and pictures.

Moshine Mametja and her birth mark on the left hand side.

Moshine Mametja is a South African Actress, MC, and Model. Her date of birth is on the 18th of October 1994, age 28 years old as of 2022. The actress is best known for portraying a character as Mary on Diep City.

Moshine age, career, boyfriend, children, parents, family and real pictures.

Name: Moshine Mametja
Age: 28 years old
Date of birth: 18 October 1994
From: Oaks, Ga-Sekororo in Limpopo
Nationality: South African
Gender: Female
Tv shows: Diep City
Known as: Mary from Diep City
Height: 1.7m

Who is Moshine Mametja?

Moshine Mametja who plays Mary on Diep City is South African Actress, MC and Model. The actress hails from Oaks, Ga-Sekororo in Limpopo, South Africa. She was born 18 October 1994. Her mother’s language is Sepedi and other languages she speaks is English, IsiZulu and Xitsonga. In other interview she revealed that her parents didn’t want her to pursue drama. This suggests that her parents are present in his life. It’s unknown how many children does her parents have. The well known family members are his parents.

So far Mametja is not yet married. If she has boyfriend that means only her knows about it. She didn’t reveal anything about her relationship status yet.

There is something very unique about Moshine, she was born with Scar on her left hand. It’s a birth mark that covers her whole side of her left hand side. As she grew up, she went through bullying about her birth mark as well as her gap between her teeth. People used to call her “Two color skin girl ” and that made her to hide her hand whenever she was in public. Due to her gap teeth, some people called her ” vampire in the Spangbob”. This affected her self confidence for long time until she decided to love herself. Moshine has now accepted everything about herself and regained her confidence.


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Educational Background

Not only is Moshine Mametja a lovely and talented young lady, but she is also intelligent. She attended schools in Phalaborwa for both her primary and secondary education.

Prior to enrolling at the Tshwane University of Technology Art Campus, she earned with a National Diploma in Drama from Hoerskool Frans du Toit.

Moshine’s Career journey as Model and Actress

Like the majority of well-known actors and actresses, Moshine Mametja began her career as a stage performer before making it to our screens.

In numerous theater plays, including those at the Rostrum Theatre, Wits Main Theatre, and Breytenbach Theatre, she has played both supporting and leading parts.

While attending Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), Moshine played Mary on Diep City in addition to other roles in a few student movies, notably the lead role in the 2018 movie After Robot.

Moshine Mametja is not only a gifted actor; she is also a model royalty. When she competed for the Miss Maruleng title in 2008, she made her runway debut. She won the title of second princess. She was named the inaugural Miss Oaks contest princess in 2009.

Moshine Mametja returned to pageantry in June 2021 when she entered the Miss South Africa competition after a protracted absence from the modeling world. Sadly, she was unsuccessful in reaching the top 30 finalists.

Moshine Mametja on her graduation in 2019

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Moshine Mametja as Mary on Diep City

In 2021, Moshine was cast as Ausi Mary, a supporting recurrent character who shares a kitchen with Sne. She is nosy and is aware of everything that occurs in Diepsloot.