Nthabeng Modula

Nthabeng Modula Biography, age, education, career and personal life

Nthabeng Modula
Nthabeng Modula

Nthabeng Modula, a South African actor and drama facilitator best known for playing Tabea in the etv series Scandal, was born on August 16, 1989. We shall examine every aspect of her life and what we already know about her in this essay.

Biography of Nthabeng Leigh-anne Modula

Full name: Nthabeng Leigh-anne Modula
Date of birth: 16 August 1989 (34 years old as of 2023)
Place of origin: Limpopo, South Africa
Education: D H Peta High school
Alma mater: Madlide Medunsa, Market Theatre, Zodiac Commercial College
Height: 157cm
Occupation: Actress and Drama Facilitator
Known for: Tabea on Scandal
Net worth: $20,000
Nationality: South African

Early life

As of 2023, Nthabeng Leigh-anne Modula will have turned 34 years old, as she officially turns that age on the 16th of August each year. She was born in South Africa on August 16, 1989. However, this precise date may vary by one day.

However, our study indicates that she was born on August 16th. It’s difficult to determine the kind of upbringing Nthabeng had. She is, nonetheless, very close to her mother; in fact, she used to post birthday wishes for her on Facebook. The eighth of October is her mother’s birthday.

Although we don’t know for sure, it’s entirely plausible that she has siblings. Although we are unsure of her specific birthplace, we have good cause to think that she spent at least a significant portion of her early years in Limpopo. Between 2006 and 2007, she graduated from Limpopo’s David Hellen High School.

Nthabeng Modula
Nthabeng Modula

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Education of Nthabeng Modula

Strangely enough, we are more familiar with her academic history than we are with her personal history. Nthabeng attended the David Hellen Peta High School in Limpopo, also known as DH Peta. In 2008, she continued her education at Medilde Medunsa College.

Only a year of study later, she received her degree. So, we suppose she completed a brief course. She studied at the Zodiac Commercial College and earned her degree in 2009 after completing her studies at Medunsa. Therefore, it is also assumed that the course was brief.

After that, she pursued a degree in 2013 while studying at the Market Theatre. She then had the opportunity to pursue her studies at MDH Productions at the State Theatre. She also worked with the Out Reach Foundation as a drama facilitator. We don’t know if she received formal schooling beyond the aforementioned degrees.

Private life

Public records don’t adequately detail her private life. She is rumored to have three kids, though, so that much is known. One of the kids we are aware of is a young daughter. probable age of a few years. She doesn’t indicate whether she is in a relationship on her social media accounts. She might, however, already be in one.

Nthabeng Modula
Nthabeng Modula

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There aren’t many things in her profession. Her agency claims that she has collaborated with people like James Ngcobo. Considering that Ngcobo is solely a theatrical talent, it was probably during her time in theater. She has also made a brief appearance on Muvhango.

Despite the lack of specific information, we do know that the position is rumored to have been a Katlego. Recently, though, she has managed to reclaim a spot in the front rows. This came after she was cast as Tabea in the television show Scandal.

Winnie and Tabea have been great friends for a very long time. But in a more recent season, it appears that Thabang, a love interest who is using both of them for his own advantage, will put their friendship to the test.

Social media

Nthabeng goes by her full name Nthabeng Leigh-anne Modula on Facebook. The majority of her images and early posts on the account date all the way back to 2012. Then, she goes by Nthabeng Modula on Instagram and uses the handle @nthabengmodula. The majority of her photos may be viewed on her up to 16k followers’ accounts. You can also get in touch with her agency, 4th Wall, as they are her representative. So, you might get information on her CV there.