Palesa Keswa

Palesa Keswa Biography, age, education, career, personal life and social media

Palesa Keswa
Palesa Keswa

Beautiful South African model and fashion aficionado Palesa Keswa was born on April 22, 1997. She is in a position to entirely dominate the modelling industry in South Africa. She also emphasises the grave global epidemic and gender-based violence (coronavirus). Let’s take a quick peak into the life of this beauty queen.

Biography of Palesa Keswa

Full name: Palesa Keswa
Date of birth: 22 April 1997
Place of birth: Sasolburg, Free State, South Africa
Education: North West University
Height: 1.6m
Occupation: Influencer, Model and Activist
Known for: Influencing and modeling
Net worth: $150,000
Nationality: South African

Early life

Palesa Keswa was born in Sasolburg, in the Free State, on April 22, 1997. She acknowledged that she had lived with her older brother for the preceding 14 years. Her mother died of chronic pneumonia when she was just shy of nine years old. She moved into his older brother’s flat because she lost her father five years before she lost her mother.

Palesa Keswa’s brother was in charge of taking care of her when their parents died. Due to the numerous sacrifices she had to make in order to reach her current position, Palesa Keswa had a challenging upbringing.


2019 saw Palesa Keswa graduate with a degree in economics and risk management from the Northwest University of South Africa. She is currently pursuing an honours degree in economics.

Palesa Keswa
Palesa Keswa

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Private life

There is no doubt that Palesa Keswa was raised by her brother after becoming an orphan at a young age, but neither her parents nor her cherished sibling are the subject of any trustworthy information. Whether the stunning model is now dating anyone is not quite clear.

Palesa Keswa asserts that taking online classes, completing projects, and conducting the majority of her year-end dissertation research are all things she prefers to do. As a result, she was able to reassess and modify her long-term ambitions and goals.

There is never a bad time or an opportunity, she said, to start making the adjustments needed to transform into the person you know you were meant to be. We assume that Palesa Keswa is single because she has not announced to the public whether she is dating, married, or whether she has a child of her own.


The Gauteng beauty queen Palesa Keswa has engaged in a range of activities. Some of them are working with young people to create a mural at Azael Langa’s Thuthuzela and supporting a mural workshop with an emphasis on art teaching at the Help Community Centre in Alexandra.

When talking about her career and what inspired her to become an activist and a model, she said, “Michelle Obama is a role model for her. She doesn’t merely promote equality for people of all races and nationalities, which Palesa Keswa found admirable. She also urges young people to continue their education, develop it, and become innovators in a world that desperately needs fresh viewpoints.

As a graduate student, she could identify with Michelle Obama’s emphasis on personal development. She had no problem being forthright about who she was and what she believed in. She will always be respected for her sympathetic nature and uncompromising dedication to her beliefs. She found comfort in her remarks that being oneself is always the best.

Palesa Keswa
Palesa Keswa

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Social media

Facebook: Palesa Keswa
Instagram: @_keswa
Twitter: @palesa_keswa