Zoe Madiga

Who exactly is Zoe Madiga AKA South African Singer and Composer full Bio

Zoe Madiga
Zoe Madiga

Zoe Madiga is a South African singer and composer who was born in 1993. The vocalist from Natal’s KwaZulu-Pietermaritzburg was raised there. Regarding her parents or siblings, she has not disclosed any information to the public.

Biography of Zoe Madiga

Full name: Zoe Madiga
Date of birth: 1993
Place of birth: KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Education: Jazz at University of Cape Town
Height: 1.67m
Occupation: Singer and Composer
Known for: Inganekwane by Zoe Madiga
Net worth: Unknown
Nationality: South African

Early life

The 28-year-old native of KwaZulu-Natal has been making waves with her singing talent. She provides songs to her listeners that were profoundly impacted by her early years. She represents both the present and the future of African music. Zo Modiga is not a new name in the music industry in South Africa. She is a phenomenally talented South African artist who isn’t hesitant to speak up about her ethnicity and upbringing.

Zoe Modiga’s education

The artist has not given any information about her educational background or degree. But because she loved music, she attended numerous music schools to hone her skills.

She enrolled in the National School of the Arts in Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, where she studied classical piano, clarinet, and voice. She then enrolled in the jazz performing programme at the UCT Faculty of Music.

The singer did not become well-known over night. Her profession has advanced throughout the years thanks to her commitment, effort, and tenacity. Zo Modiga’s journey to becoming the well-known vocalist she is today was complicated, but she overcome it all.

She started her career in the music industry many years ago. She claimed in one of her interviews that before becoming well-known, she had been active in the industry for more than ten years. Her artistic career rose to prominence a few years ago. After winning the 2015 SAMRO Overseas Scholarship Competition for Jazz, this took place.

Zoe Madiga
Zoe Madiga

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Career beginning from 2018 onward

After three years of gaining notoriety, she released her 23-track first album in 2018. Despite being her debut album, it made a big contribution to her rising fame both at home and abroad. For the album Yellow: The Novel, she was nominated twice for SAMAs in different categories. Both Best Jazz Album and Best Album by an African Talent were nominated for it.

The South African media has been covering Zoe’s most recent album, Inganekwane, extensively. The album is best described as a fusion of West African rhythms, poignant Zulu narrative, and South African sensibility.

The CD sends a message of love to all Black people everywhere. Her last album’s song Inganekwane served as the inspiration for the album’s title. The key message is that everyone of African origin owes it on themselves to learn to love themselves more.

Zoe Madiga
Zoe Madiga

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The internet

She may or may not be active on social media right now. We do, however, suggest that you search for her on Instagram under the name Zoe Madiga. She is undoubtedly Zoe Madiga on Facebook, but there are other phoney identities pretending to be her.