South African celebrities who attempted to commit suicide.

South African celebrities who attempted to commit suicide.

Celebrities are also people, they go through a lot in their lives. We can’t judge according to the smile, joy, and happiness. A lot of them are suffering depression and some them committed suicide. These are South African celebrities who attempted to take their own lives. For them it was the right decision to do.

South African celebrities who attempted to commit suicide

Connie Chiume began to be suicidal in 1987. 1 What happened is that, her baby died when she was feeding her. Since from that day she became suicidal, she couldn’t speak and people around didn’t know she is thinking of killing herself. Her suicidal thoughts troubled her to the point where she had to hide anything that was harmful. It was like a spirit, whenever she see something harmful, she would think of hurting herself.

Luckily she managed to overcome her suicidal thoughts through reading the Bible and pray. Now she is alive and still gracing us with her talent. The devil wanted to rob us of good actress. All glory to God she managed to overcome and breakthrough.

Nozuko Ntshangase is also one of the actress who tried to kill herself almost 3 times. She was depressed from since she was a teenager. Nozuko didn’t know if it was depression because this was not confirmed by a doctor. Her first suicide attempts was when she was 16, she took Allergex pills. After that she was feeling drowsy and oversleeping but she didn’t go to the hospital.

The second suicide attempts was when she was 17 years. Remember this was after she tried it at the age of 16. She took paraffin just because she fought with her mother and just lost a friend. So when her Mom went to work, she took paraffin and drank it. She thank God she didn’t get sick and was perfectly fine.

The third attempt was when she was 24 years old. She said that she was in toxic relationship and was depressed. So she took Allergex pills again. Luckily her boyfriend came to her place and take away the pills.

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Vatiswa Ndara also tried to kill herself. This happened after leaving SABC and she lost other acting gigs because of the scandal. She took Jeyes fluid, Handy Andy, pills and Jik. She drank all of it. Yooh she didn’t want to live this one. Before she drank everything, she cleaned the house so people would come to her funeral when the house is clean. She was very sure that her mixture will kill her but luckily she didn’t die.

Another one is Raphael Griffiths who is well known as Zithulele from Imbewu. He was in a relationship with Thuli Phongololo, an actress known for acting on Generations the Legacy as Namhla Diale. His girlfriend dumped him for a rich man. Raphael’s heart was broken beyond repair that he tried to commit suicide. Unfortunately he survived through prayers because the thoughts of suicidal was taking over.

Rachel Kolisi is a wife to the Springbok Rugby player Siya Kolisi. She also tried to take her own life when she was 15 years. After her parents got divorced, she was so depressed. She used to cut herself and hurting herself for almost 2-3 years. None never noticed what she was going through.

By the grace of God she didn’t kill herself and is married and have kids.

Clement Maosa who is well known as Kwaito also attempted to commit suicide. As a teenager, he lost both his parents. It was not easy to accept the loss of his parents. It was during the time when he needed them the most. He was about to go and study law when his parents passed away. So he tried to kill himself twice because he felt no reason to live for. After failed attempts, he saw why God didn’t allow him to die.

In fact, the character of Kwaito changed the way he thinks. Since the first day he was introduced to the character, he felt alive.

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Proverb is a South African musician who almost killed himself. This happened after he got divorced by his ex wife. His ex wife cheated on him with another man. This was the most devastating thing ever to happen to him. Thinking about his kids and everything drove him to take his own life. Although they tried to work out their relationship, Proverb was already hurt. He took different painkiller pills and drank with wine. Unfortunately he survived, and was rushed to the hospital.

Zoleka Mandela was also one person who tried to commit suicide. She went through a lot from childhood. She was sexually abused when she was still a teenager. The trauma led her to use drugs and alcohol which became an addiction. After attempted to commit to suicide, she was taken to hospital where she spent 10 days.

While she was still recovering in hospital, her daughter passed away in an accident. Instead of being grateful to be alive, she wished if God could have taken her instead of her daughter. It was heartbreaking for her to experience such hardships. Atleast she managed to overcome her challenges and move on with her life.

Gigi LaMayney whose real name Genesis Gabriel Tina Manney, is South African musician, presenter and songwriter. She was body shamed so she decided to take overdose of pills. Unfortunately she didn’t and she is still alive.