Who played the voice of Moshe and Zikwe on Takalani Sesame?

Who is playing the voice behind Moshe and Zikwe from Takalane Sesame?

A lot of people might be wondering who is voice over artist of Moshe and Zikwe from Takalane Sesame. Some doesn’t even mind or think about it to know the people behind them. The way people got carried away with the show is actually amazing. It’s not only kids watching the educational show but even adults. So who exactly are they?

Lindani Nkosi who played Moshe
Moshe on Takalani Sesame

Who played Moshe on Takalani Sesame?

Most South Africans were left shocked after find out that it was Lincoln voice that was used to play the character of Moshe. Lindani Nkosi, once portrayed Lincoln Sibeko in Isidingo, provided the voice of Moshe, the enormous yellow meerkat from Takalani Sesame.

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A South African actor, singer, dancer, and voice artist, Lindani Nkosi is most known for playing Nelson Mandela in the 2004 film Drum and for playing Thulani in the SABC1 soap opera Generations. His acting credits also include roles in the SABC3 drama series The Lab and the e.tv serial opera Rhythm City, where he played Mannie.

Some people think Lindani’s voice might be Moshe’s voice since they recognize it as his. Some people were in a state of shock and astonishment after learning that Lindani is Moshe today, even if they are fairly old. Many others reject Lindani’s claim that she provided the voiceovers, preferring to hold onto the idea that Moshe is the only person who can play him.

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Nyanga Tshabalala
Zikwe from Takalane Sesame
Who played Zikwe on Takalane Sisame?

Zikwe is Nyanga Shabalala, who also provided the voice of Mazwi in YoTV Land. Zikwe is a big blue monster from Takalani Sesame, South Africa’s Sesame Street co-production. He is a spirited taxi driver (though said vehicle has no wheels) and speaks English and a smattering of other languages. Nyanga Tshabalala is an¬†internationally accomplished puppeteer, puppet trainer, writer and director. He performs Zikwe on Takalani Sesame.
Some claim that Mduduzi Mabaso, who portrays Suffocate on Rhythm City, voiced Zikwe, a character who also appeared in Takalani Sesame.(1)