14 Celebrities who battled addiction of drugs and overcame

Most of celebrities are struggling to overcome the addiction of drugs. With some of them still hiding the fact that they are using drugs. In this article we will talk about South African celebrities who struggled drug addiction and how they came out.

14 Celebrities who battled addiction of drugs and overcame

Kabelo Mabalane

1. Kabelo Mabalane is a South African musician and Pastor. He revealed that he was addicted to drugs. It took him some time to recover from drug addiction but definitely he breakthrough. To show that he changed for good he repented as a Christian. He is now a believer who turned out to be a Pastor as well. Kabelo life is different from what he used to be.

Vusi Nova

2. Vusi Nova was also addicted to drugs. The singer once shared about his story to his fans. He was warning them about the addiction of drugs because he has been there. According to some reports, Vusi inherited some money after the death of his mother. It seems that he used that money to buy drugs. He overcame his addiction by avoiding bad friends and going back to school. He never went to rehab to battle the addiction. It’s unknown if he has been sober on his own without going to rehab.

Trevor Gumbi

3. Trevor Gumbi is a South African well known comedian. As fun as he is, Trevor was battling drug addiction. He started taking cocaine in 2000. It was not simple for him to overcome the addiction. All thanks to his family supported him during his struggle. Now he is happy and can spend quality time with his family. He has been sober for some years.

Kelly Khumalo

4. Kelly Khumalo revealed that she was using drugs at some point while performing. She revealed the secret about using drugs in 2016 during an interview with Sizwe Dhlomo. Her journey was amazing, she tried to turn into Christianity. We guess that was her kind of rehab to believe in God. There is no information that she went to the rehab. Atleast since then her life seems to be sober.

PJ Power

5. PJ Power is a South African musician who is well known for her popular song Jabulani. PJ Power was addicted to drugs. He was admitted to hospital due to the sickness which was caused by drugs. PJ was not using drugs only but was addicted to alcohol. While in hospital, her sister asked the doctor if she will be fine but the doctor seemed to be not sure. Since it’s the thing of the past it’s unknown if quite using drugs and alcohol.

DJ Sox

6. DJ Sox is another celebrities who battled the addiction of drugs. In 2015, he revealed that he was using drugs. He is now inpiring other people with his story so they can stop using drugs. It has been 4 years since he stop using drugs.

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7. Tshego is a RnB singer in South Africa. Tshego was battling the addiction of drugs. So when he was collaborating with Rick Ricky that’s when he got help. Ricky Rick discovered that the young artist was using drugs. He then told him to get help. Tshego took the advice got help. He has been sober since that time. All thanks to Ricky Rick who rescued him from his addiction.

Innocent Masuku

8. Innocent Masuku is a South African Actor. He is well known for acting on Rhythm city and other drama series. He went broke after he was introduced to drugs. He revealed that he spent almost R500 000 on drugs. Luckily he managed to overcame his addiction. He has been sober for some years now.

Hugh Masekela

9. Hugh Masekela was one of the people who was using drugs in the 90s. After seeing that drugs are destroying lives in South Africa and was common, he then decided to quit. It’s unknown how he actually did it but he just quit. Unfortunately he passed away.

Mobi Dixon

10. Mobi Dixon is a South African well known DJ. He has been using drugs but he quit after realising that it was destroying his music career. It was not simple but he did it.

Nina Haste

11. Nina Haste is South African radio and television broadcaster. Nina was raped almost three times. She released her pain through drugs. After battled with drugs she decided to stop and is now motivating other young not to use drugs.

Ricky Rick

12. Ricky Rick was also using drugs before he died. The competition from music made him to depressed and was hearing voices. Although he once stopped someone from using drugs, it’s evidence that he was struggling himself. He struggled until the day he took his own life. His life was not  sober.

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Ricky Rick

13. Another one who was using drugs is Brenda Fassie. A lot of people loved her music but she was struggling. Brenda Fassie was addicted to drugs and sometimes she used drugs while performing. She died after taking overdose of pills.


14. Last but not least is Zahara. Zahara is addicted to alcohol. She was once hospitalized due to drinking. The doctor told her to stop drinking because she was diagnosed with liver problem. Recently they were reports that she was drunk in a video which she is still struggling to stop drinking. We hope she will go for rehab and get the help that she needs.