Mawande Mathe real life full Biography.

Mawande Mathe
Mawande Mathe

The most well-known work of Mawande Mathe, a South African actress and model who will turn 20 in 2023, is the movie Isono.

Biography profile of Mawande Mathe

Full name : Mawande Mathe
Gender : Female
Age : 20 years old
Date of birth : 2003
Place of birth : Unknown
Occupation : actress and Model
Facebook : Mawande Mathe
Instagram : @just-me-ididot
Known as : Young Jumima from Isono
Height : 1.62cm

Early life

Although the precise day and location of Mawande Mathe’s birth are still unknown, it occurred in 2003. We won’t hold this information against you until we get more information about her childhood, family, or parents.

Educational background p

There is no information known on Mathe’s primary or secondary education; she attended Fourways High School. She then enrolled at the University of Pretoria’s Wits University.

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Mawande Mathe

Career journey

Mawande’s professional background is unknown, although we do know that she is both an actor and a model. She is well known for playing the supporting role of Young Jumima on BET’s Isono. Regarding her debut, there isn’t a lot of information yet, but we’ll update as soon as we do.

On Isono drama series she played a character as young Jumina. The character was continued by Rami Chuene who played the grown up Jumina.

Mawande Mathe
Mawande Mathe

The Height and Private Life

Mawande’s relationship status on Facebook indicates that she is actually single. She is fluent in both Zulu and English. She is 1.62 cm tall and is wearing an Xsmall shirt and a 32 waist.

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Social media

Mathe has pages on Facebook and Instagram. Social media is not something she does. She most recently updated her Instagram on January 23, 2022. She posted on Facebook one final time on January 14th, 2023. She might regularly use Twitter or other apps.