5 Celebrities who got donations in 2022

5 Celebrities who got donations in 2022

Being a celebrity is not simple. There is so much pressure that these celebrities end up in debt just to fit in. Sometimes it’s not about fitting in but it’s about upgrading their lives. So these are some of 5 celebrities has been struggling financially and people came to their rescue.


1. Zola 7

Zola 7 is a well-known musician in South Africa. He has been struggling financially and has since been out of spotlight. His music was a source of income and hasn’t yet released any music. This made him broke that people could notice he is struggling. After people noticed his struggle they united to assist him. A lot of people donated money to him. Some celebrities offered their donations as well. So far he got some gigs and he is now back into music. All thanks to South Africans who donated the little they have.


2. Zahara

After people brought their donations to Zola. Zahara came forward begging for donations from people because she was about to loose her 1.9million mansion. This happened after she failed to pay her monthly installment. So bank gave her few days to settle her payments. Zahara even asked Kaizer Chief to help her to pay the debt. She was seen crying on social media by people asking for donations. People were so touched and they began donating money to save her house. Luckily they managed to raise the money that was needed.

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3. Vusi Thanda

South African actor Vusi Thanda was also asking for money on social media about two months ago, claiming that he was struggling financially. Over R130 000 was donated to the veteran actor by fans and a local sportswear brand.


4. Dr Malinga

Doctor Malinga, real name Goodwill Malinga, took to social media to ask for financial assistance after owing the South African Revenue Services over R2.1 million. Fans and members of the public contributed R100,000 to his tax bill.
Malinga also stated that he was struggling as a result of his inability to perform at Covid-19.

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5. Lusanda Mcinga

Cape Town, South Africa – Lusanda Mcinga, a gospel singer, is the latest celebrity to use social media to solicit donations from fans.
The number of celebrities who have recently appealed for financial assistance from fans on Facebook and Twitter has increased.

Lusanda of the Lusanda Spiritual group recently posted a video in which she asks for donations and expresses her desire to resume making music. Because of Covid-19, she hasn’t recorded anything since 2020. She stated that she has been struggling with her finances because she has been unable to find work during this time.