7 Imbewu Actors Who were fired and replaced.

Imbewu actors who left or fired

When Imbewu the seed started in 2018 it has lot of viewers. Later people lost the interest due to replacement of characters while others where being fired for good.

7 Imbewu Actors Who were fired and replaced.

The first person to got fired from Imbewu was the many character of Zimele Bhengu. Zimele Bhengu’s character was played by Mpumelelo Bhulose. Mpumelelo was fired because he was unprofessional. The actor was reported for coming late during the shooting of the drama. There were times when he didn’t show up for filming for three weeks without explanation. So Imbewu producers were unhappy about his behaviour. After that they decided to terminate his contract with Imbewu. Since he was the many character, they replaced him with Tony Kgoroge. His character continued despite his upsent from the drama.

The second one was Fundiswa Zwane who played the character of KaMadonsela, the wife of Shongololo. Viewers were surprised after seeing a new character KaMadonsela replaced by Brenda Mhlongo. The reason she was replaced was because she asked for her salary to be raised. After that she was fired by the producers. Soon after being fired she joined the drama series Skeem Saam.

Another one was Tony Kgoroge who once replaced the many character of Zimele Bhengu. The actor was reported being fired because he asked for salary raise. His character was killed in 2020. After viewers were about to forget his character. He returned from dead. It’s unknown if they reconsider his decision for salary raise. In other new reporters it was reported that he was acting on a Cartoon movie.

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Phindile Gwala who portrayed a character as Fikile was also reported fired from Imbewu. The producers denied the claim of firing her but claimed that she wanted to pursue other interest. After Fikile’s character disappearance we where surprised that she was back on Television. It looked like she died and was raised from the dead. Imbewu is good at confusing it’s viewers. Her character is back and still continues. It’s evident that they released their mistakes of firing people.

Brenda Mhlongo who also replaced the character of KaMadonsela was reported being fired. The story is very tricky because she was reported by other news media that she strangled the producers. She didn’t confirm the story but told her fans that her Instagram was hacked. Her character was killed while viewers were in the middle of enjoying her character. It was very sad. Soon after left Imbewu she joined the drama series The River where she is currently acting. We believe that she left because of that.

The most iconic actor who exit Imbewu was Nkanyiso Mchunu who played the character as Nkululeko. His character gained lot of viewers and people were loving him. As always his character was replaced by Kay Sibiya. His exit from the drama was heart breaking to lot of people. The first character of Nkululeko was very unique and people got used to that. It’s sad that he left because he disagreed with production. It’s unknown if was about salary or something else.


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Muzi Muthabela also exited the show. He portraying a character as Menzi on House of Zwide. It seems like he was unhappy with the character he was given. His character of being a womanizer was going against his beliefs. Soon after left Imbewu he joined Generations the Legacy where he portrays the character as Nkosiyabo.
Unfortunately, the Telenovela Imbewu the seed will come to an end this 2023.