Khanyi Mbau on whether Kudzai is a fugitive: ‘I literally don’t care.’

Khanyi anda Kudzai

Khanyi Mbau on whether Kudzai is a fugitive: ‘I literally don’t care.’

Khanyi Mbau has finally addressed the allegations that her businessman boyfriend Kudzai Mushonga is a fugitive who stole money.

South African actress Khanyi Mbau says she really doesn’t care whether her businessman boyfriend Kudzai Mushonga is a fugitive or not – on an episode of Netflix’s Young, Famous and African, which premiered on 18 March.


Khanyi Mbau went “Instagram Official” with her boyfriend in February 2021 and there was almost instantly a background check on him. Kudzai was reportedly named a fugitive. This was because he was allegedly involved in a fraud scandal and he was allegedly sought by the Zimbabwean police.

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Khanyi remained mum on these allegations until now. Both Khanyi and Kudzai spoke about the allegations on an episode of Netflix’s Young, Famous and African. Kudzai is also seen in a few episodes of the series.

“He has got this crazy life. He allegedly stole money,” she said.

“They were writing fugitive this, wanted this, but the person who wrote that story was just targeting me because I’m newsworthy,” he said.

“I don’t know why I seem to attract this… my baby daddy also had a scandal about how he got his money. So, I don’t know… maybe I’m a gangster chick. So, if he is one… I literally don’t care,” she continued.



Khanyi also opened up about how she was previously a “sugar baby”. This was because of her “baby daddy” Mandla Mthembu who is 31 years older than she is. So, she was also labelled a “gold digger” because people said it could not be love.

However, she is now technically a “cougar” because she is 35 years old and Kudzai is 28 years old. So, there is a seven year age gap between them.

“I thought I’d be a sugar baby now I’m a cougar. I’m dating a 28-year-old and I’m 35. Men are like the police, they protect and serve. Protect me from taking out my card and paying for my sneakers. Serve me by bringing that paper bag to me. Protect and serve,” she said.

The Wife star also opened up about the soft life she has with Kudzai, where she wakes up to the sound of a piano every morning.

“Every morning we wake up to the piano, because we feel like the alarm on your phone is quite violent. Who wants to wake up to violence? There is enough traffic there is enough traffic that you’re going to face, just wake up with a note,” she added.

The series appears to have been filmed a few months ago because Khanyi and Kudzai are currently living in different countries. Kudzai is in Dubai while Khanyi is in South Africa.