Selby Mkhize

Selby Mkhize known as gay is now embracing himself as a woman.

Selby Mkhize
Selby Mkhize

Selby “Selbeyonce” Mkhize on accepting her femininity and being true to herself.

As the host of the Ukhozi FM drive-time show and unquestionably one of KZN’s most adored radio hosts, Selby ‘Selbeyonce’ Mkhize has established herself as a formidable force.
Although Selby has been described as “openly gay” in past stories, the media personality now identifies as a woman.
“I believe that I have always recognized myself as a woman; I have just never fully embraced it.” Additionally, there was a great deal of misunderstanding. I didn’t feel particularly at ease about it, she said to TshisaLIVE.

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Selby is no stranger to other media; he has appeared in cameos on Uzalo and Generations. Selby most recently charted the Twitter trends after appearing on Khanyi Mbau’s Roast.
Selby recalled dealing with those who believed she was getting plastic surgery to become more feminine as she rose through the ranks of the entertainment industry.
Despite the cyberbullying she endures, activist Yaya Mavundla has been inspired by women like her, “who work day in and day out making sure that our sisters are seen,” to loudly magnify her voice.
“I get backlash every day, which I have become used to by now, but that does not make it OK. What has also made helped me live boldly was seeing other trans women living their truth, and standing up for what they believed in.”

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Selby Mkhize
Selby Mkhize

She hopes that her experience will help end homophobia so that future generations won’t have to experience what she has on a daily basis.
“I would like to see an end to homophobia. However, it appears that we still have a long way to go. Additionally, I now view homophobia as a disease.
The fact that I won the DStv Mzansi Viewers Choice Award for Favorite Radio Personality is evidence of the value of representation.
“I had to prove I was worthy with every single gig I get as someone who is extremely talented and worked hard to get on top,” the performer said.
She now hopes to showcase her skills more on the small screen and inspire others on the same journey. “More acting? Yes please. TV presenting? Yes, yes, yes, please. We will look at the behind-the-scenes stuff once I have truly made my mark.”