Top 5 Gay actors who appeared on Television as gay.

Top 5 Gay actors who appeared on Television as gay.

These are top 5 gay actors who appeared on our television screen as gays. It’s amazing that these gays are comfortable with their own sexuality. In the days we are living there is so much judgment about gays or lesbian. For them to come out, it takes lot of courage. So let’s explore a little about these actors and who they are in real life.

Anathi Gobeni

1. Anathi Gobeni was born on the 20th of July in 1989, he is currently 32 years old as of 2022. Gobeni springs from eThekwini, him and his family moved to eThekwini in 1995 when he was only 6 years old. They then moved around in eThekwini until he went to University.

In his first year, Anathi had already played lead roles in at least 20 theatrical productions. At this point he was finally getting more open and expressive about his s.e.xuality. Though he was never mocked about it in his childhood, Anathi says the biggest challenge was coming out. He felt the need to come out because of the family expectations. However, Anathi knew from at least the age of 9 that he wasn’t into girls and liked boys. In an interview with Kungenzeka Nakuwe, he shed some light on the stereotypes and truths of homos.e.xuality. Stressing that for him it wasn’t a choice and that people misunderstand because of their lack of education.

As who he is, the actor is acting on Imbewu as Lindo. Lindo is a waiter at Emsamo and he is also a gay. His story developed from being a manager to become a waiter after Emsamo. This is the only character that we know where he plays as a gay.

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Khaya Dladla

2. Khaya Dladla who is popularly known by his acting name as GC,is a South African Actor, Singer and presenter. He was born in Umlazi BB section in South Africa.He was born on 3 April 1990 which means he is 31 years old this year 2022. They are 5 children in their family and he is the last born among them. He studied Advertising and Marketing and had a degree in Communication Science.

GC used to speak broken English and he was also a gay. Khaya(GC on Uzalo) is also a gay in real life. He is acting his real life experience. In one of his interview he said that people think his character is simple because he is a gay, he mentioned that he has to do research at least to get real character of being GC. He won an award as the Best Supporting Award for playing his character as GC.

After leaving his character as GC on Uzalo. He got another character to act on House of Zwide where he potrays a character as Lazarus. Lazarus is a gay who is a fashionista at House of Zwide.

Selby Mkhize

3. Selby Mkhize is a South African Actor, Voice over artist, Presenter and Radio personality. He was born 13 May 1989 in KwaZulu Natal and he grew up in Amaouti, Verula, in the North of KwaZulu Natal. This year 2022 is 34 years old. In terms of schooling, he matriculated from Mount View High School. Due to financial crisis he failed to further his studies to higher level education.

After their parents split, him and his two siblings brother Skhubuso and his sister Ayanda were raised by his mother and grandmother. His two siblings and him are born from different fathers but same mother.

How he came out as a Gay. Selby kept his sexuality as a secret to avoid bullying by other people. So his grandmother suspected something about him and was closely looking at his every move. So she sent a neighbor to ask him if he was a gay or not. Then Selby decided to reveal the secret and told her grandmother that he was a gay. His grandmother cried but she decided to support her grandchild for who he is.

He acted on Generations as extras. In 2021 he got a role to play on Imbewu. He potrayed a character as Lulu Mtshali. His character is related to who he is as a gay male in the entertainment industry.

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Mzamo Gcabashe

4. Mzamo Gcabashe is a 32-year-old South African gay actor and fashion entrepreneur who is best known for playing a lead gay role of Jamaica in former soapie Rhythm City. He was one of the contestant on the third season of the Mzansi Magic reality competition television series Big Brother Mzansi, in 2014.

Mzamo Gcabashe was born on 28 January 1991 in Ndwendwe in the city of Durban in KwaZulu Natal Province in South Africa. He has four other siblings; two brothers and two sisters and he is the middle child of the five. Growing up in Ndwendwe, Mzamo suffered lot of homophobic criticism and discrimination but he never hid himself to the public. This helped him growing a thick skin against homophobia.

But he had a lot of support from his parents about his sexuality since childhood. He also never hid it to them so he didn’t have to come out as one. In 2022, he got another role to act on the Black Door as Romeo Kunene.

Lazizwe Dambuza

5. Thulasizwe Siphiwe Dambuza, known professionally as Lasizwe, is a South African social media personality, actor, television presenter and YouTuber. He became a celebrity by uploading videos of himself interpreting how Africans act and behave in a comedic way.

He appeared on Durban Gen in 2022 and its his first appearance in acting. In a controversial storyline in the show, Dambuza plays a homosexual character whose father calls him embarrassing and insists he let the bishop at church pray over him.