Marjorie Langa

Marjorie Langa biography AKA Gloria on Scandal.

Marjorie Langa
Marjorie Langa

Who is Marjorie Langa from Scandal?

Marjorie Langa is South African actress and MC who was born on the 23th of March 1978, age 43 years old (2022). She is best known as Gloria Legae on Scandal etv.

Biography, age, career, children, husband and Scandal.

Name: Marjorie Langa
Date of birth: 23 March 1978
Age: 43 years old
From: Masehlaneng , Mokopane
Limpopo , South Africa.
Occupation: Actress and MC
Nationality: South African
Gender: Female
Tv shows: Scandal
Known as: Gloria from Scandal

Personal life history

Marjorie Langa was born on March 23, 1978 in the Limpopo province of South Africa’s Masehlaneng village. She was raised in Kagiso, on the West Rand, in the Gauteng province. She and her cousins were both reared by her aunt. Despite the fact that her mother was there, she preferred to live with her aunt and only went to see her during the summer. Meisie Langa, her mother, was a teacher.

She grew up without her father. It’s very painful to her because her father rejected her. She tried to grow closer to him but he remained unapproachable. So that made her to stop forcing relationships. She actually has a father-figure (step-father) who supported her and took care of her very well.

Who is her husband and kids?

Chibuike Adumike, who is 10 years old, is raised by Langa. After divorcing her ex-Nigerian spouse six years ago, Marjorie is raising her son Chibuike by herself. “I wake up in the morning because of him. Marjorie adds that, among all the morals she instills in her child, respect is one that she will not compromise on. “I am not just raising him for myself, but I am raising him for the world,” she declares. Nothing is more enjoyable than a considerate youngster. She continues, “I want my son to be the ideal gentleman. He knows that saying please and thank you are vital sentiments. Marjorie no longer lives with the father of her kid, yet she is not bitter about their separation.

She has indeed been dating over the years, but she acknowledges that it has been difficult for her. It’s just complicated. I do not desire a fan. She responds with a smile, “I want a man, not someone who would call me and put me on speaker so his pals can hear that it’s Gloria from Scandal! She does, however, admit that there is someone now making her smile and that she is easing into it without going into great detail about her personal life.

Marjorie Langa

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Educational Background

She finished her basic education at St Ursula Convent in Krugersdorp before returning to Limpopo to attend Capricorn High School for her high school studies. The Tshwane University of Technology is where she completed her Biomedical Sciences degree.

Career journey

Despite having a degree in medical technology, Marjorie only worked as a microbiologist for six years before becoming interested in acting. The success Marjorie Langa experienced in the television industry was not quick, and it almost cost her the bond she had with her mother.

Marjorie’s mother was not impressed by the fact that her daughter left her profession that she took her to school for, and choose to follow acting career. So, her mother stopped to talk to her for a while and didn’t want to see her, saying she will resume communication with her when she comes to her senses. As a result, Marjorie was pushed to work hard in the acting industry to prove her mother wrong.

Television advertisements gave her a taste of fame and helped her break into the acting industry. She made her acting debut in 2006 with roles in the SABC 1 drama series Final Verdict and Tshisa as Mrs. Mkhize. She received the role of Matron in the South African miniseries Huis van Liefde, which was made by Curious Pictures, in 2008. She began acting in the same year’s SABC 2 sitcom Jozi Maboneng.
Marjorie Langa portrayed Ntombi on Isidingo and Slindile the housekeeper on Generations.

Marjorie Langa
Marjorie Langa

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How her character on Scandal began?

Her character, Gloria, was not meant to last as long as she has, but six years on, viewers are madly in love with her. “Gloria was a small role. When I started playing her, I honestly didn’t believe that there could possibly be someone like Gloria who is so loud, a crook, and just simply over the top,” she says.

Currently, she is still acting on Scandal as Gloria. She is now married to Caiphus Legodi. Her character has developed from being a single mother to become a married woman.