Two well-known actors who are single fathers.

Two actors who are single fathers to their daughters.

It’s uncommonly in Africa to find a man looking after his own kids on his own. If you find a man being a single father, it’s either the mother left the child or children. Sometimes, it’s because the man voluntarily choose to take care of his own child or children. So in this article we gonna talk about two actors who are single fathers.

Joe Kazadi and his daughter when she was still infant

Joe Kazadi

Most people knows him for portraying a character on Scandal as Mukuna. Some they knows him from the Queen. He also appeared on International films as well. Joe Kazadi was born in 1990 which means he 32 years old. His nationality is Congolese, he came to South Africa when he was young. Due to the war in Congo they had to flee their country.

Besides being an actor, professional chef and businessman, he is also a single father. He used to post pictures of himself with her daughter spending time together. If you follow him on Instagram, there are so many pictures of him and the daughter from the time she was little. People began to ask where was the mother of child. This made Joe to reveal that he was a single father and he is taking care of his daughter alone. Below is the message from his Instagram.


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“Why is it so hard for people to believe that a single dad can stay with his daughter even if the mom isn’t there?”

“I hope that this finally clears up (any confusion). I stay with my daughter, all alone. There’s no woman in this house. I am a single father. I hope this clips all the chit chat, I’m done and I don’t wanna talk about this anymore.”

“It doesn’t mean if your relationship with the mother didn’t work you should stop being a
responsible father. It is your responsibility as aman to look after your own… whether your
relationship works out or not.”

Unfortunately, there is no information about how their relationship with the baby mama ended. The good news is that the baby is being taken care of by his father. What a good deed to witness because most men are irresponsible when it comes to their children. He is yet to be married, but he has a lovely daughter out of wedlock. Joe Kazadi and his girlfriend, whose identity is still unknown, gave birth to a lovely girl named Omotola Zizipho Kazadi.

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Joe Kazadi Pictures with his daughter.


Wiseman Mncube

Wiseman Mncube and his daughter

Wiseman Mncube, a South African actor, dramatist, singer, and director, was born in 1990. He is best recognized for his roles in the television series Uzalo, EHostela, and Gold Diggers.

On Uzalo, he could come out as callous and self-centered, but in reality, he’s a devoted parent. Wiseman Ncube made a pledge to himself after his baby mom passed away in 2018 that their daughter, Lwandle (now 8), wouldn’t notice her absence.

“I made a promise that I’ll do everything in my power to raise Lwandle in a Godly and responsible way. I don’t want her to feel that she has one parent. I 1agive her all the love and make it a point to spend my free time with her.”

However, he admitted to Daily Sun that he didn’t feel comfortable describing in full how Lwandle’s mother passed away. “That section is too intimate for him. But he thinks she is keeping an eye on them since she is a good ancestor to his daughter and because her soul is always with them, according to Wiseman.

Wiseman Mncube and his daughter and son

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He claimed that parenting a girl was not an easy task.
She’s a sweet and knowledgeable young lady. But caring for her is not simple. My daughter has several inquiries. Some of them are easy for me to respond to, but others are quite challenging. Sne is overly curious, he said.

Despite being a single parent, Wiseman claimed that his mother and brothers helped him.
“I’m fortunate that my mother is still with us. I have faith in her to assist me in raising Lwandle into a young adult. Lwandle resides with me, and when I leave for work, I leave her with some of my brothers.

He assured her, “She’s always in good hands.”
Even on social media, his affection for his daughter is apparent.

Besides being a single father to Lwandle, it has been reported that he got into a relationship. He was also blessed with another child, a son, the name of the child is Mqhele.

Wiseman Mncube pictures with his daughter