Dimpho More

Dimpho More AKA Phindile on BET’s Isono

Dimpho More
Dimpho More

In the current season of Isono on BET, South African actress Dimpho More, who was born on April 1, 1994, plays Phindile. She is a beautiful woman who rose to fame for her role as Nozi in 7 de Laan. Dimpho also works as a singer, model, and director.

Biography of Dimpho More

Full name : Dimpho More
Gender : Female
Age : 29 years old
Date of birth : 1 April 1994
Place of birth : Nelspruit, Mpumalanga province
Nationality : South African
Occupation : actress , singer, Model and Director
Instagram : @dimphomoreactor

Early life

Dimpho More was born in the Mbombela district in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga. Since she had always liked television actresses, she determined to pursue acting. When her acting profession began to control where she went, she moved to Johannesburg, where she still resides.

¬†More’s Education

She went at Lowveld High School in Nelspruit. She decided to pursue her passion for acting after graduating by signing up for classes at The Market Theatre Laboratory. She began studying at The Market Theatre Laboratory in 2012, and in 2016 she graduated.

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Dimpho More
Dimpho More

Acting career

Dimpho made a significant breakthrough in 2017 when she was chosen to play Nozi in the film 7 de Laan. She then made an appearance on Rhythm City and continued to participate in the top soap operas in Mzansi. She unexpectedly returned to 7 de Laan in 2020 after leaving the program in 2018. READ THE ENTIRE STORY HERE Returning to 7 de Laan as Nozi is Dimpbo More.

Status of relationship

Unknown is the nature of Dimpho More’s connection. Although in 7 de Laan she plays the inquisitive Nozi, in real life she sticks to herself. She avoids talking about her love relationships and keeps them private.

Character of Dimpho on Isono

Phindile is portrayed by Dimpho More in Isono. The story revolves around Mary Ndlovu, a matriarch who will do anything to meet her own egotistical needs. In this captivating series, there is a ton of drama, duplicity, bravery, and suspense. Isono, the first African-produced original series on BET, debuted in July 2020.

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Dimpho More
Dimpho More

Social media

More receives a lot of appreciation on social media for her attractiveness and unaffected natural beauty. On her Instagram page, she has gorgeous pictures of this attractive actress. In an effort to maintain her lovely shape, she has taken up exercising on a regular basis. She was hesitant to release her workout videos until she was satisfied that her body was a work of art. On her poetic Twitter account, she eloquently expresses her feelings. Surprisingly, despite being well-known, she still uses Facebook to communicate with her fans. She currently has 7k followers on Twitter and 5.3k followers on Instagram. Below are a couple of her Instagram posts.


She has become a fantastic actress, model, singer, and director. Her influence on the entertainment sector has been quite remarkable. As of 2020, Dimpho More has a net worth of 160,000. Her primary source of income is acting, with additional money coming from modeling, singing, and directing.