Life History of Pearl Noxolo Monama AKA Sphe on Generations the legacy.

Pearl Noxolo Monama

Life history: Pear Noxolo Monama was born 10 December 1994. (Age, Career, boyfriend, Instagram and Net worthy of Pearl Noxolo Monama.)

Biography profile of Sphe on Generations the legacy

Name: Pear Noxolo Monama

Born: 10 December 1994

From: Witbank , South Africa

Nationality: South African

Occupation: Actor and Director

Gender: Female

Known as: Sphe on Generations the legacy

Education: Bachelor degree in Film and Drama.

Personal life history of Noxolo Monama

Life history of Pearl Noxolo Monama: She is a South African actor and assistant director as well as a Tutor. Her date of birth is on the 10th of December 1994. The generation actress is from Witbank in South Africa. Both her parents raised her, with her mother working for African bank and her father working for Standard. Sharing on an interview she reviewed that she has brother. Its not known if it is her young or big brother. Educationally she attended school at Benoni’s Witbank Laerskool Kragbron and Horskool Brandwag. After, she then studied at University of Pretoria where she obtained her degree in Drama and Film.

Her career in acting

She started acting in 2014 on Suurlemoen, a film, as a lead role, this was just after she graduated. Also she made an appearance in Drama such as Scandal, Isindingo and Isibaya.

In 2016 she got another role to act on Generations the legacy. On the drama series she is potraying a character as Sphe. The daughter of Jack Mabaso.

Pearl Noxolo Monama

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Sphe storyline on Generations the legacy

She was married to Mazwi but later fallen in love with Winston. Wiston is a IT guy and also a serial. Sphe was not aware about her new boyfriend behavior. She discovered when it’s too late that he is psychopathy. We saw that her boyfriend kidnapped her and another one. One life was lost atleast Sphe survived the death penalty.

Life: Pearl Noxolo Monama criticism about her character.

Pearl once gone through some criticism for her character as Sphe. Her character was nice at first but later changes to become a bad one. That made viewers to take it personal and hated her even in real life. Talking to TimeLive she said that her character on the drama is different to who she is in real life. She learnt to not take it personal when people criticize her because it show that she is able to bring the emotional part of her acting.


“People think that I am the person that I am on TV. They see me and expect me to know them. I never know how to receive that, especially when they are over-excited. They can sometimes get carried away, and they pull you in different directions.”

Other career Besides acting

Besides acting Pearl is an assistant director and tutor at the University of Pretoria. On another occasion she was called to help student at University of Pretoria about acting. Due to their loss of interest in acting she was able to ignite the fire within them.

Pearl boyfriend and kids.

Although she is married on the drama, in real life she is not married. About her boyfriend there is no information she revealed about it. Even about her, having kids, its unknown.

Pearl Noxolo Monama Instagram

You can follow Pearl on Instagram. She known as Noxolo Monama on Instagram.

Net worthy of Pearl Noxolo Monama

The upcoming actress is still on the rise, and her net worth is $400 000. Judging from her social media, Pearl lives her best life and makes a pretty penny from her acting gigs and her job as an assistant director.