Moreboys Munetsi biography, age, wife, parents and Great Hope.

Moreboys Munetsi

Moreboys Munetsi is a Zimbabwean who resides in South Africa. He was born on the 6th of December 1980s, age 36 years old as of 2023. Moreboys is the founder of the Great Hope funeral services which is based in South Africa. Also he  founded a company that track lost vehicle called MFS tracker.

Biography of Moreboys Munetsi

Full name: Moreboys Munetsi
Gender: Male
Age: 36 years old (2023)
Date of birth: 6 December 1980s
Place of birth: Kadyamare, Murewa in Zimbabwe
Nationality: Zimbabwean
Occupation: Businessman and Lawyer
Business: Great Hope and MFS Tracker
Known as: Mr Munetsi

Early life

Moreboys Munetsi was born in a rural area in Kadyamare Murewa in Zimbabwe. His date of birth is on the 6th of December, age 36 years old as of 2023. Munetsi has seven siblings and it’s unknown if he is first born or last born. His father is still alive and the information about his mother is currently unknown. Munetsi is very proud of his father for raising him in well mannered way.

As a child who grew up in impoverish household, he thrived so hard to reach where he is now. Before he came to South Africa, Moreboys was suffering in Zimbabwe. With his parents failing to pay for their school fees for seven siblings. He then decided to come to South Africa for greener pastures.

Moreboys when he was still young
Moreboys Munetsi wife

A lot of people are so curious to know if Moreboys is married or not. Women are finding him attractive than before. In real life, it’s unknown if Mr Munetsi is married or not. He likes to keep his life private. As soon as he got married, he will let everyone knows. There might be a girlfriend, just to give a hint.

Educational background

Moreboys was born for greatness, although he didn’t have O Level, he managed to obtain a degree in law. He studied LLB at the University of South Africa. It was not simple but he did it. Firstly, he went back to write matric in South Africa and he passed. Although, people laughed at him because he was attending school with small children, he continued until the end. So in real life Mr Moreboys Munetsi is qualified lawyer who is registered with law society in South Africa.

Moreboys Munetsi as a lawyer

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Career journey

Life is a journey. Moreboys Munetsi began his career as worker at a farm, he also worked as a security guard at some point. He did a lot of ordinary jobs to survive in South Africa. Later on he got a job to work with Zororo Phumlani, a funeral services for foreigners in South Africa. He began working there in 2012 until 2017. After he left at Zororo Phumlani, he got an idea to start his own business. He began working hard to save money for his business. The first business he founded was MFS Tracker, a company that track lost vehicle. Later on, he founded a Great Hope funeral services which is one of successful funeral services for Zimbabwean in South Africa. Not only for Zimbabwean but other African countries in Southern Africa.

Great Hope funeral services

Great Hope funeral services started with one vehicle which was transporting dead from South Africa to Zimbabwe. They would hire cars and mortuaries to put dead bodies before repatriation. The company didn’t have an office during that time. Great Hope continued to move dead bodies from SA to Zimbabwe until today, more than 15 countries has repatriated bodies through Great Hope.

The company has also partnered with different insurance company in South Africa such as Discovery and 1Life. It has offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town as well as in other countries such as Botswana and Zimbabwe.

CEO of Great Hope funeral services

Moreboys Munetsi’s company has employed more than 50 people since it has started. More opportunities are created as the company is growing bigger.

Great Hope has approximately 7000 clients and has ventured into other commercial endeavors such as life insurance, car insurance, disability covers, dread disease, retirement annuities, investment, and education policies.

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