Nkensani Mlondzo biography AKA Wakahina from Scandal.

Nkensani Mlondzo
Nkensani Mlondzo

She is popularly known as Wakahina or Mihloti on Scandal. Her real name is Nkensani Mlondzo, a South African actress, voice over artist, director and script writer. The actress was born on 11 September 1981, age 42 years old.

Biography of Nkensani Mlondzo

Full Name: Nkensani Mlondzo
Date of birth: 11 September 1981
Gender: Female
Age range: 36-40
Nationality: South African
Occupation: Actress, Director, Script writer and Voice over artist.
Known as: Wakahina or Mihloti from Scandal

Early life of Nkensani Mlondzo

Nkensani Mlondzo was born in South Africa, probably in Limpopo province. Her original native language is Tsonga. She is able to speak Zulu and Sesotho as well as English. She currently resides in Johannesburg, in South Africa. Information regards her family and parents is currently unknown. Nkensani has a child, a daughter who is a teenager. It’s unknown if she was married or not.

In one of the interview, she revealed how she struggled with postpartum depression. Her daughter was 6 months during that time. She discovered about it on television that she has the symptoms of postpartum depression.

Educational background

She attended college at Tshwane university of technology. During the time she studied it was called Pretoria Technikon. There she obtained her Diploma in Drama.

Nkensani Mlondzo
Nkensani Mlondzo

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Career journey in Acting

While she was studying at Pretoria Technikon, she began getting involved in theatre drama series. She acted in theatre drama such as Macbeth, Ancient Stars and Beauty en die Bees in 2001.

Later on in 2002, she got a small role to play on Generations. The character was uncredited hence a lot of people didn’t know her name that time and she was young.

In 2004, she appeared on Scandal as a prostitute. A lot of people couldn’t get to know her because she was an extra. Nkensani also acted on a drama series called Xiculu in 2020. Thereafter, she bagged another role to act on a Tsonga popular drama series called Giyani: Land of Blood. There she potrayed a character as a villain, Sasavona.

Besides acting she was part of commercials such as Assupol, Jet and Milo. On the Assupol commercial, she appeared as a nurse. Also on Jet and Milo as mother.

The character of Wakahina from Scandal.

Despite acting on different drama series, her character as Wakahina from Scandal made her so famous. People began to be curious to know her age, real name and everything about her. The character was so real that a lot of people could relate. Her ability to act presented the character very well.

Wakahina was introduced as the mother of Nhlamulo. She suffered from bipolar disorder. The condition made her to became a mental disturbed person who lived in the street. Her children were separated from her, which made the situation worse. Fortunately Wakahina was reunited with her two children. Also she met her ex husband, the father of her children.

Nkensani Mlondzo
Wakahina from Scandal

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