Morwesi Theledi

Morwesi Theledi biography AKA Mantwa on Muvhango.

Morwesi Theledi
Morwesi Theledi

Morwesi Theledi born 1983(age 41 years) is a South African actress. She is an ex-convict who turned to become a star on Muvhango. She is well known as Mantwa from Muvhango.

Biography of Morwesi Theledi

Name: Morwesi Theledi
Born: 1983
Age: 41 years old (2024)
From: Soweto, Gauteng, South Africa
Occupation: Actress, Motivational Speaker, Businesswoman, and
Nationality: South African
Known as: Mantwa on Muvhango

Personal life history

Morwesi Theledi is South African Actress, Motivational Speaker, and Businesswoman. She was born 1983, age 41 years old as of 2024. Due to her past, she is known as an ex-convict after defrauded a bank where she used to work as bank teller. The upcoming actress grew up in Dube in Soweto. Her older sister and young brother are her only two siblings she has. She attended her matric at Task Academy and studied journalism at LNB campus. While in prison she studied and graduated for Entrepreneurship Business Management Course at University of Johannesburg. Also she did programme at Unisa called Pillar to Post where school kids come to the centre and we give them a tour and we get to tell them our stories.

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How did Morwesi got into prison?

Morwesi who is now an ex-convict was arrested for fraud a bank in 2010. She was approached by her regular customers in 2008 who forced her to steal money by threatened to kill her son and family members. Firstly, the customers used to give her tips and money voucher they even paid her debts. So in return they wanted her to steal money from the bank. Due to the pressure putted on her plus threats she agreed to steal R2.7 million and R300 000 which was set aside. After realised she made a mistake, she delayed the transactions and then blocked the account by increasing R2.7million to R27 million.

Morwesi Theledi

After the syndicate found out that the money was not transferred they reported her to the police. She was arrested in 2010 and was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2012. When she was arrested in 2010, she was pregnant with her second child. The child was born in prison and was taken from her to live with her parents when he was 2 years old. Her second born is now 11 years old(2021).

In 2016 she was released after serving her sentence. She is a changed woman and is using every skill he acquired during her time in prison.

Career in acting

When she was in prison, she took part in theatre drama. She was casted by Edmond Mhlongo in a two handed piece. In that piece she played 5 male characters and one female. It was staged by her and another ex-convict Lucky Simayile. Also she became a script writer of Shuttered Dream and was a leading actress. In prison, she got awards for Best Actress and Best Public Speaker.

Since her release from prison, Morwesi got her first Television acting role on Muvhango. She is potraying a character as Mantwa (a kidnapper). The producers from Muvhango said they do not focus on the past but on how talented someone is. Although she is ex-convict they give her a second chance.

Morwesi Theledi

Mantwa character on Muvhango

James Motsamai’s mother, Moipone (Mabatho Mogomotsi) together with Mantwa, kidnapped Tenda’s newborn baby as revenge.

Tenda tried to get Moipone killed after she heard him confessing to the killing of his nephew, Hulisani (Burnett Gededger).

Moipone survived the ordeal and convinced Mantwa to kidnap Tenda’s (Nathaniel Ramabulana) baby after he was born.

Nobody suspects Moipone of the kidnapping because she’s convinced them that she has amnesia and does not remember who attacked her.

Mantwa kidnapped the baby while Moipone was at the hospital as a patient while Tenda’s baby was born.

Viewers met Mantwa this week when she phoned Moipone to ask her money for the baby.