Mxolisi Zuma

Mxolisi Zuma biography AKA Detective Mthembu on Imbewu.

Mxolisi Zuma
Mxolisi Zuma

Mxolisi Zuma known as Detective Mthembu on Imbewu was born 24 February 1985, age 37 years old. (2022)

Biography profile of Detective Mthembu from Imbewu

Name: Mxolisi Zuma

Born: 24 February 1985

Age: 37 years old (2022)

From: Umlazi, KwaZulu Natal in South Africa

Occupation: Actor

Nationality: South African

Gender: Male

Nickname: KaMuzimuni or The Sniper

Known as: Detective Mthembu on Imbewu

Personal life history

Detective Mthembu on Imbewu real name is Mxolisi Zuma. He is a South African actor who was born 24 February 1985, age 37 years old. (2022) The Imbewu actor hails from Umlazi in KwaZulu Natal. In 2021, he moved stay in Durban KwaZulu Natal and currently he resides there. Mr Zuma is known by people as the Sniper or KaMuzimuni, these are his nicknames.

Educational background

He went Swelihle high school. After finished his high school he went to study at the University of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. It was the class of 2006.

Mxolisi Zuma

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Career journey in acting.

In 2019, he acted on Ifalakhe as Busani ka Kombindlela. He also acted on Uzalo potraying a character as Bafana. Later he got a role to act on Imbewu as Detective Mthembu.

Detective Mthembu storyline on Imbewu.

It all started when Nkululeko’s mother disappeared. She was declared dead by her son but she was alive. The cause of her death was linked to KaMadonsela who stabbed her. Due to the guilty consciousness, she hand herself to the police and was arrested. Detective Mthembu at first was very suspicious about the death of Thokozile.

Detective Mthembu came clearly in the picture after Thokozile was declared not dead. She came back for revenge at Madonsela which lead to her final death. Detective Mthembu was busy investgating who killed Thokozile even now he is still busy investgating. The culprit is still free and not yet arrested.

Mxolisi Zuma
Detective Mthembu on Imbewu

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Mxolisi Zuma’s wife and kids

Mxolisi Zuma
Mxolisi Zuma and his son

According to his Facebook account he was divorced since 2010. He has kids, its not yet known how many. Mxolisi once shared a photo of her son whom he said was a miracle. He wàs born a premature, his name is Qobolwami Zuma.