Nokulunga Sissy Khumalo biography, age, boyfriend, children, daughters and family.

Nokulunga Sissy Khumalo

Nokulunga Sissy Khumalo is a South African actress, drama teacher, entreprenuer and poet. She was born in 1983, age 40 years old as of 2023. Sissy is best known as Bongiwe on Scandal or Thenjiwe on Generations the Legacy.

Nokulunga biography, age, career, boyfriend, children, daughters, parents and family.

Name: Nokulunga Sissy Nomfundo Khumalo
Age: 40 years old
Date of birth: 1983
Place of birth: Esikhawini, KwaZulu Natal in South Africa
Occupation: Actress, Drama Teacher, Entreprenuer and Poet
Nationality: South African
Gender: Female
Known as: Bongiwe on Scandal or Thenjiwe on Generations the Legacy
TV shows: Scandal, Generations the Legacy, Gomora and Diep City
Languages: English and Zulu

Personal life history of Sissy Khumalo

Nokulunga Nkumalo hails from Esikhawini township in KwaZulu Natal. Her age is 40 years old although she looks younger than her age. She was born in 1983 approximately in March.

Nokulunga’s parents are still alive and she is very grateful to have both parent’s support.
Her father celebrated 60s birthday in 2022. She is not the only child in her family, they are other children as well who are her brothers and sisters. It’s unknown how many children they are exactly in her family but it seems that they are a big family. We don’t know her position as a child wether she is first born or second e.t.c

She has two daughters which she always posts on social media. According to the captions on her social media, they seem to be her actual daughters which means she gave birth to them. Her children are now teenagers, the first one is 16 years and the second one is 13 years. These children are everything to her and she has a mother and daughter relationship with them.

Nokulunga has boyfriend who recently engaged to her in 2022. The two loves each other a lot. It’s unknown if her current boyfriend is the father of her two daughters. Her story is very tricky, it’s either she was single mother until she met her boyfriend. This means that her daughters has their own father, or each has her own father. Until she revealed that herself this remains as speculations.

Nokulunga Khumalo

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Educational Background of Nokulunga

After completing her matric she enrolled to study Drama at Durban University of Technology.

Career journey

Life was not simple when she was growing up. She used to be vendor with her mother and father. Before she completed high school, she wanted to become a Paediatrician but she changed her mind after matric. So after matric she decided to study Drama. Her father was not happy about her choice but later supported her decision.

Due to scarcity of acting gigs in KwaZulu Natal, Nokulunga decided to move to Johannesburg. Upon arrival, she worked in different jobs such as being a Beauty and massage therapist, Waitress, Sales consultant, Receptionist and Door to door housekeeping. Also she worked at Nedbank as a teller and branch administrator. In 2014, she left her job at Nedbank and followed her dream.

Nokulunga and her daughters

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At first she volunteered to work at Olive tree theatre. During that time she met with another actress who insisted that she accompanied her to Sesami studios for Scandal auditions. At first she didn’t want to go but she went with her. When they reached there she was auditioned by Stephanie Sandows. Later after few days they called her that she got a role as Bongiwe on Scandal.

Her role as Bongiwe was cast as a featured extra. She is still appearing on Scandal and her character has been getting more lines than before. On Scandal she is portraying a character as a Journalist.

Bongiwe on Scandal

Nokulunga Sissy has also appeared in other drama series such as Isiphindiselo and Confession. Not only that, she also featured on Gomora as young Sonto and on Diep City as a Therapist. She got another role to act on Generations the Legacy where she is portraying a character as Thenjiwe.