South African celebrities who admitted to skin lightening.

Before they bleached their skin

South African celebrities who admitted to skin lightening.

It’s exciting to know about celebrities who came forward and open up about skin lightening. A lot of South African celebrities are bleaching their skin but they are silent about that. These are few South Africans who admitted that they lightened their skin. Some of them are very proud of their choice while others regret their choice.

Sorisha Naidoo is well known celebrity in South Africa. She is former Miss India SA, an Actress And a star on Real Housewives of Durban. The 46 year old is also a wife and mother. 1

In 2002, Sorisha won Miss India SA, during that time she was proudly a black Indian woman. So the Indian community began criticizing her dark skin colour and preferred white skin colour to win the title. Sorisha was hurt by their criticism and then decided to lightened her skin colour. The fact that they ignored her intelligence, beauty and focused on her colour pushed her to bleaches skin.

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After that she began buying different products to lightened her black skin colour. The lightening products were doing it’s magic, she was considered beautiful. She became what her Indian community expected her to be. After 16 years of using bleaching products, her skin started to become thin and not able to make pigments. Also she was too white due to bleaching and was very thin.

Sorisha was not happy to made such a decision. She regrets a lot because skin lightening has its consequences. Sorisha now realised that she was more beautiful before lightening her skin. She loved who she was before.

Nomasonto Maswanganyi was a South African singer and dancer. She was one of the celebrities who admitted to skin lightening, not only that but she also went for surgery. The main reason for her to lightened her skin was because she became black during pregnancy. She experienced pregnancy -induced hyperpigmentation. The condition is very common to pregnancy woman whereby you develop dark patches on your face and neck.

So after she gave birth to her second child in 2010 which she was pregnant with. Her ex husband commented that ” Babes omnyama kankulu manje” meaning you are too black. Although it was pregnancy issues at first, that comment changed her mind too. She decided to lightened her skin up to the point of going for surgery. On one occasion she shared a picture where cheeks were swollen. Her obsession to look beautiful lead her to desire the looks of celebrities like Nick Minaj.

Being light was not enough for her so she wanted to uplift booms and butt like Nick Minaj. The procedure was very expensive but she was willing to do that. Unfortunately she died before transforming herself surgically. She passed away due diabetes.

After bleaching their skin

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Kelly Nkumalo is very famous South African musician. In 2015, there was picture which trends on social media that shows Kelly Nkumalo’s different colour of her skin from the face and her body. During that time a lot of people where asking if she was bleaching her skin or not. As time goes on, Kelly became open about it. She share different products of skin lightening. Some of them she was using them while at the same promoting other people’s brand.

As hard as it is she finally admitted that she was using creams and lotions for lightening skin. Even pills, she once used them. To make things worse, another doctor revealed that she gave Kelly skin lightening products to use for 3 years. Although she was silent about it, someone knew about it. Atleast she decided to tell people about it because it was evident that she is bleaching her skin.

Least but not last is our favourite Khanyi Mbau. She started bleaching for some years now. She claimed that It was her choice to bleach her skin. Maybe she always admired people with white skin colour plus in our society people who are light skinned are preferred than dark skin.

Khanyi is very open minded about this whole process about lightening skin. She shared her journey with her fans on how she started bleaching. At first she used pills and injection and it was not working properly. So she tried so many products some which were harmful to her skin. As time goes on she discovered new products which were natural or organic products. She also shared the products she is using to bleach her skin colour. They are very expensive and she is spending around R15 000 for those products.