Ntobeko Mathebula biography AKA Cebo’elihle on the Queen.

Ntobeko Mathebula
Ntobeko Mathebula

Ntobeko Mathebula is a South African Actor who was born 23 April 2000, age 22 years old (2022). He is best known for his character as Cebo’elihle on the Queen.

Biography, age, caree, girlfriend, and Instagram.

Name: Ntombeko Mathebula
Date of birth: 23 April 200
Age: 22 years old (2022)
From: Mpumalanga
Occupation: Actor
Nationality: South African
Gender: Male
Tv shows: The Queen
Known as: Cebo’elihle

Who is Ntombeko Mathebula?

Ntombeko Mathebula who was born in Mpumalanga is a South African actor. He was born on the 23 of April 2000. His age is 22 as of 2022. The Queen actor was raised by his great grandparents. It’s unknown where were his parents when his grandparents raised him. It might be that his parents left him or lost them. Anyway we will update you if the information is available.

As time goes on he then moved from Mpumalanga and went to stay in Diepkloof in Soweto. He moved to Soweto before he completed his high school so he then completed it while staying there.

Educational Background

Although he was born in Mpumalanga he attended his high school in Soweto. The aspiring actor completed a few short courses at the Joburg Market Theatre, which provided him with skills that he is now putting to use in his current role.

Ntobeko Mathebula
Ntobeko Mathebula

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Career journey

He’d been in the business for nearly five years, but his big break came when he auditioned for a role in the popular weekday telenovela The Queen. On Mzansi Magic’s The Queen, Ntobeko plays Cebo’elihle. After years of being rejected from auditions, this is his first TV role. Cebo, unlike his three brothers and his troubled father, Brutus, is a peacemaker (played by Themba Ndaba). He is wise beyond his years, speaks wise words, and is not influenced by emotions.

Ntobeko made a name for himself as a theatre actor before breaking out on the big screen, and he has a number of plays under his belt. He has other skills besides acting. He has been working behind the scenes as a Grips assistant on 1 Magic’s The River for almost 5 years.

The actor sees himself abroad in Hollywood in the next five years, and at this rate, the sky is the limit.

Ntobeko Mathebula

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Who is Ntombeko Mathebula girlfriend?

Actually, his girlfriend is unknown but he might have ex girlfriends. This means at his age he dated before. The girlfriend might exist but the information about that is unknown because he didn’t share about it to the public. Hopefully one day we will get to know about her.

Ntombeko Mathebula Instagram

Just like most celebrities who are on Instagram. He is also on Instagram as Ntombeko Mathebula underscore @wallsofjericho.