Witch was caught unexpected on camera.

Image of a witch on top of the truck outside the house.

Witch was caught unexpectedly on camera.

This will be eye-opening if you frequently wake up in the middle of the night and look out the window.
Social media users are in shock after a witch was unexpectedly caught on camera in the early hours of the morning.

When one Twitter user heard strange noises outside while sleeping, he decided to wake up and investigate.
When he went outside to investigate the sounds, he took his cell phone and recorded everything.
He slid into the living room and took note of the time on the wall: 3.05 a.m. The eerie sound of crickets and the terrifying shrills of a human being coming from outside break the dead silence.

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The camera focused on an old rusted white truck parked outside as he moved toward the window and slowly opened the white curtain.
The terrified husband then desperately whispers, “Baby, baby.” Come see for yourself, baby. Baby!”
The wife walks to the window and asks her husband what it is.
The most startling thing happens in an instant.

Above the truck, a human-like figure with long hair and a strange oversized robe appears. The “witch” is flying, but her movements are similar to those of a swimmer. Essentially, swimming in the air

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