Otto Nobela

Otto Nobela Biography, age, education, career, Networth and personal life

Otto Nobela
Otto Nobela

Otto Nobela is a well-known South African actor best known for playing Pablo in a brief appearance on Scandal. He shared the part with James Sithole and Matthew Rantsoma.He also played Matwetwe on Queen Sono. We will examine his life and work in this post.

Biography profile of Otto Nobela

Full name : Otto Nobela
Gender : Male
Age : 29 years old
Date of birth : 4 December 1993
Place of birth : Pretoria, Gauteng province
Nationality : South African
Occupation : Actor
Known as : Pablo on Scandal and Matwetwe on Queen Sono
Instagram : @ottonobela
Facebook : Otto Nobela
Networth : Unknown

Early life of Otto Nobela

1993’s December Fourth saw the birth of Otto Nobela. By January 2023, he would be 29 years old. Thus, he will be 30 this year. Otto Nobela was born somewhere, but we don’t know where. He is, in fact, a native of Pretoria, South Africa. He speaks English, Xitsonga, and Tswana with ease. Furthermore, Nobela has acknowledged his lifelong passion for performing. His passion for the arts can be traced back to high school, when he was still quite young. He arrived at his current location after some time, though.

Otto Nobela’s education

Otto Nobela completed his secondary education at the Edward Phatudi Comprehensive school. He then continued his acting studies with Duma Ndlovu and other theater companies. Apparently in Pretoria, where he is from, he claimed on Facebook that he also studied theater at the South African State Theatre.

Otto Nobela
Otto Nobela

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Career of Otto Nobela

Otto Nobela, 29, fell in love with acting during his senior year of high school. through a crush she had on a friend. He would hear the girl say she was leaving for rehearsals every time. Which Nobela had no idea what that was at the moment.

But he didn’t start getting interested in acting until after he had gone with her to one of the rehearsals. “As I arrived, I came across a group of men who were participating in a neighborhood play. I was persuaded by what they were doing, Nobela stated.

In addition, Nobela participated in numerous workshops to hone his craft until Duma Ndlovu noticed him. He then gave him the chance to participate in several of his workshops. “I then found myself in the theater where I completed another two-year program for development. Actually, the South African State Theatre was where I obtained all of my training. I eventually struck it lucky and was chosen for the film Matwetwe,” he stated.

Otto Nobela with one of his colleague

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Private life

He may or may not have kids, but we don’t yet know. But we do know that Tsakane Maseko, a woman, and the actor once had a connection. They allegedly began dating in April of 2019. They have been dating for over four years at this point.

Social media

Otto Nobela has two email addresses that you can use to contact him: and Also, Nobela has two official pages on Facebook where you can contact him. But he is most active on the one with the bigger following. Also, he has the same handles on Instagram and Twitter, @ottonobela.