Sandile Dlamini

Sandile Dlamini biography AKA Jafta from Rhythm City.

Sandile Dlamini
Sandile Dlamini

Sandile Dlamini is a South African Actor and Director who was born 23 May 1968 (54 years old). He is best known potraying a character as Jafta on Rhythm City. Currently he is acting on the Black Door as Mvubu.

Biography, age, children, wife, Instagram and Rhythm City.

Name: Sandile Dlamini
Age: 54 years old
Date of birth: 23 May 1968
From: Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
Current City: Johannesburg
Occupation: Actor and Director
Nationality: South African
Gender: Male
Tv shows: Rhythm City and the Black Door
Known as: Jafta from Rhythm city.

Personal life history

Sandile Dlamini who was known as Jafta on Rhythm City is South African actor and director. He was born and raised in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. His date of birth is on the 23th of May 1968 which means is 54 years old as of 2022. We don’t know exactly how many children they were in their family but he has a young brother. The two seem to be close and the fun thing is both has bald head. They both love to keep their beard which makes them look like twins. Mr Dlamini has a son with resemblance of him. His wife is unknown and it’s not yet known if he is married or there is baby mama. According to his age it’s possible that he is married.

He should not be mistaken for Imbewu. Star of The Seed Sandile Dlamini. They share same name and surname but are different people. Their date of birth are different but they were born in 60s and thats amazing.

Educational Background

Since he shared information about his high school it means he went to primary school. The name of the high school is Msimude High school. Not much is known if he managed to further studied at University.

Sandile Dlamini
Sandile Dlamini and his young brother

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His passion for acting began in 90s.
The CCV sitcom Going Up, which ran for three seasons (2-4), featured him in three different characters. Also he acted on The Long Way To Go as Jobe which was played at State Theatre in Pretoria.

He is most known for playing Jafta in the Rhythm City serial opera. Jafta was very fun just by looking at him. Most people felt in love with his character during that time. On Rhythm City he acted for almost 14 years before the drama came to an end July 2021. It was not easy for Jafta and other actors who has been on Rhythm City for many years since it started. As it was, they lost their job and luckily some of them were fortunate to get other role somewhere. Sandile was also lucky that he got another role to play on new drama series the Black Door. He was casted as Mvubu. Currently as of 2022, he is acting on the Black Door. (1)

Sandile Dlamini
Mvubu from the Black Door

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Other Television roles

Rhythm City – Season 1 as Jafta

The Black Door – Season 1 as Mvubu

Vula Vala – Season 1 as Tinyiko (as Sandile Jama Dlamini)

Sandile Dlamini (Jafta from Rhythm) Instagram.

It’s hard to just Google his Instagram account and found him. So Sandile Dlamini has Instagram account underscore @sandile.dlamini213. He is also active on Facebook as Sandile Dlamini.