Sandile Mfusi

Sandile Mfusi “Masandi” biography, age, career, Uzalo and the River.

Sandile Mfusi
Sandile Mfusi

Sandile Mfusi was born on the 5th March. He is well known as Masandi, the R n B singer.

Biography profile of Masandi

Name: Sandile Jnr Dedric Mfusi

Born: 5 March

Age: Unknown

From: Umlazi Durban KwaZulu Natal

Occupation: Actor, Song Writer, and Singer

Nationality: South African

Gender: Male

Known as: Kwanda on Uzalo or Thulani on the River.

Nickname: Masandi

Personal life history

Sandile Mfusi who is known as Masandi is a South African R n B musician and actor. Masandi age is not yet known but he celebrated his birthday on 5 March every year. He was born and raised in Umlazi, Durban KwaZulu Natal Province in South Africa.

Educational background

He went Glenwood boys High School and also studied at UKZN Howard college. Also he attended class of 2007 at KwaZulu Natal.

Sandile Mfusi

Career journey

Masandi’s abilities were obvious from an early age as he was growing up. He began singing in church and talent events in his area when he was seven years old. Masandi was the principal trumpeter in the school brass band when he was in high school.

His grandmother ‘Doreen Zwane’ was a former member of original Mahotella Queens. Also his mother was good singer, she sang with Sibongile Khumalo back in the days.

He is well known as Masandi, a name given for his career in singing his R n B music. His albums that he released are Ngani ya Bantu 2019, Ithemba 2020, Amagate, and Noma Kunzima. Most people loves his songs and blessed with it because of his voice.

Sandile Mfusi
Sandile Mfusi

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Career journey in acting

He began to act on Isibaya Season 1 in 2013, potraying a character as Joe Jo. The show was aired on Mzansi Magic channel 161 on Dstv. After that he got another role to act on the River as Thulani.

Sandile Mfusi on Uzalo

Currently he is acting on Uzalo as Kwanda.
“He’s a drug lord that’s very smooth and a slick talker. He’s able to manoeuvre in different spaces and really take advantage of his looks to gain the trust of different types of people.”

Sandile Mfusi Accident in 2009

In 2009, he survived a fatal accident, his cervical vertebrae was fractured. He escaped being paraplegic by an inch. It was his first car accident which put him in a brace. He was stuck for four months without moving his neck.