Siphesihle Zondi biography Aka Bra Jakes or Mbali’s Uncle from Scandal.

Siphesihle Zondi
Siphesihle Zondi

Siphesihle Zondi is a South African Actor, Director, Choreographer, Educator, Motivational speaker and Preacher. His date of birth is on the 4th of August. He is best known as Bra Jakes Hlatshwayo who is Mbali’s Uncle on Scandal.

Siphesihle biography, age, career, children, wife, siblings, and Educator.

Name: Siphesihle Zondi
Age: 50s or 60s
Date of birth: 4 August
Place of birth: Durban in KwaZulu Natal
Occupation: Actor, Director, Choreographer, Educator, Motivational speaker and Preacher
Nationality: South African
Gender: Male
TV shows: Scandal
Known as: Bra Jakes Hlatshwayo from Scandal.
Height: 1.78m or 1.82m

Bra Jakes Hlatshwayo from Scandal in real life

Mr Hlatshwayo from Scandal whose real name is Siphesihle Zondi is a South African Actor and Educator. He is not only an actor but a Director, Choreographer, Motivational speaker and Preacher. The actual year he was born is currently unknown but he celebrates his birthday every 4th August. By assumptions, he might be in his 50s or close to 60. Zondi was born and raised in Durban, KwaZulu Natal in South Africa.

According to his Facebook account bio, Siphesihle Zondi has siblings, a sister and brother who are still alive. It’s unknown if they are older than him or not and that doesn’t mean they are the only siblings he has. Zondi has a brother who passed away he shared about it on social media. There might be other siblings he has but we only know about those two and one who passed away.

Siphesihle might have two children and a wife. They are two pictures Zondi shared with a woman and kids on his Facebook. The first picture shows him with a woman who looks like her wife. On the second picture it’s him with the same woman and children posed like a family. This hasn’t been confirmed by Siphesihle if those pictures represent what we are saying, since there was no caption which clarify the pictures. Zondi has not yet share anything specifically about his life and those close to him.

Siphesihle Zondi
Siphesihle Zondi and his family

Besides being an actor, he also a Preacher. According to his Instagram bio, he wrote his occupation which includes being a Preacher. He seems to believe in God because most of the time he share Bible verses about God.

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Educational Background

He attended his high school at KwaMgaga High School. After he enrolled to study Drama at Durban University of Technology. Also he studied at Movietech College where he obtained Diploma in Film and Television production.

Career journey

Due to his study of drama, he calls himself a dramatist. In real life he is a Educator of drama and creative art. He has been a Educator of drama and creative art in a number schools around KwaZulu Natal province. There is a platform online where students can book classes from Zondi.

Siphesihle has been in entertainment industry since he was Fifteen years old. Most people are aware of his character as Bra Jakes but it seems that he started long time ago. The first role on Television we are aware of is Bra Jakes Hlatshwayo. If he appeared somewhere else only him knows about it. It’s evidence that he might have been involved in Theatres as well since he knows a lot about drama. And the fact that he teaches drama and creative art.

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Siphesihle Zondi

Siphesihle Zondi as Bra Jakes Hlatshwayo from Scandal.

It has been a while since viewers became familiar with his character. He nailed his character very well. On Scandal he acts as Bra Jakes Hlatshwayo who is Mbali’s Uncle or Brother to Mbali’s mother, Pertunia. He began his character as he pretended to be Mbali’s Father. The secret about that was exposed by him as well when he got drunk a spill the beans.

Siphesihle’s character as Bra Jakes Hlatshwayo on Scandal still continues. He is a changed man without secrets anymore. It’s matter of time until we discovered more about Bra Jakes in near future.