7 South African female celebrities who approached men to be in a relationship.

7 strong women

7 South African female celebrities who approached men to be in a relationship.

Sometimes women need to follow their heart and go for what they want. These 7 South African female celebrities were very strong to approach their man for love. It’s not a sign of desperation but sometimes it’s bound to happen.

1. Stephanie Sandows Ndlovu.

Stephanie met Hungani while she was working on Scandal as a casting agent. It was that time when Hungani came for auditions on Scandal. So Stephanie called Hungani to her office and asked him about himself. Later on she continued by messaging him and they started chatting and going out together. Anyway to cut the story short, in 2019 they got married and they have a one child together.

2. Bontle Modiselle

Bontle relationship with Pritty Ugly began as friends. What happened is that Pritty Ugly wanted to ask Bontle for her number but didn’t get chance. So he asked Bontle’s friend for her number and they started chatting on Mixit. After two years of friendship, it happened that Bontle broke up with her boyfriend on her birthday. So she decided to ask Pritty Ugly to go out, who was his friend at that time. Pritty Ugly agreed to go out and their relationship developed from friendship to lovers. They have been married for 10 years now.

3. Masasa Mbangeni

Masasa Mbangeni revealed some shocking news that she was the one who made the first move. She wrote on her twitter that she shoot the shot and two years later she was in a happiest, healthier and safe relationship she has ever been in her entire life. Masasa didn’t reveal a lot how she did it whether they met in person and told him or through messaging. Unfortunately, she broke up with her boyfriend in 2022. The cause of breakup is still unknown.

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4. DJ Zinhle

DJ Zinhle approached her ex boyfriend AKA. In an interview with Mac G she disclosed that she messaged AKA to do a song for her. Definitely, her intentions was to get AKA which succeeded. So AKA said that she can send the beat which she did but later they ended up in a relationship. They dated until DJ Zinhle got pregnant and she gave birth to a beautiful daughter. Unfortunately they broke up and DJ Zinhle moved on with her life. She now dating DJ Bongz and there is no information if she made the first move on her current relationship.

5. Loyiso Mcdonaldo

Loyiso Mcdonaldo revealed some shocking news about her ex wife that she made the first move on him. In the interview with Mac G he said that they met on Facebook where his ex wife dm him and they started chatting. Their relationship developed until they got married . Due to their personal issues, their relationship ended and they divorced.

6. Zodwa was Bantu

Musician and Dancer Zodwa wa Bantu approached her ex boyfriend. She didn’t only make first move but proposed to him. After proposing she was planning to get married but cancelled because they broke up.

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7. Palesa Madisakwane

According to Somizi, Palesa is the one who approached him. Somizi claimed Palesa couldn’t believe that he is bisexual. So she said let’s try to be in a relationship to see if you are truly interested in man. After being intimate for sometime she got pregnant and they gave birth to a daughter.