Who is Humbulani Tsharani ‘Mulimisi’ on Muvhango?

Humbulani Tsharani
Humbulani Tsharani

Who is Humbulani Tsharani ‘Mulimisi’ on Muvhango?

Humbulani Tsharani is a South African actor who presently appears in the SABC 2 drama Muvhango as Mulimisi. As the ancestors reveal a treatment to cure his cherished patients, he moans, bellows, and whistles. He is Mulimisi, the renowned Mulimisi, who aids the thrown by curing their plagues.

Biography profile of Humbulani Tsharani

Name: Humbulani Tsharani

Born: 1 December 1981

Age: 41 years old (2022)

From: Limpopo, South Africa

Nationality: South African

Occupation: Actor

Gender: Male

Known as: Mulimisi from Muvhango

Personal life history

In real life, who is Mulimisi? Humbulani Tsharani was born in Tshino, Venda, Limpopo Province, South Africa, on December 1, 1981. He grew up in a Sangoma household with his grandfather, but his grandfather died when he was still a child. He was born in Thohoyandou, Limpopo, and now lives in Johannesburg.

On Muvhango, Humbulani plays Sangoma Mulimisi and portrays him as convincingly as possible, to the point where people believe he can truly cure and prophesy the future in real life. His deep Venda chants on Muvhango also reveal a thorough mastery of Venda culture and linguistics, indicating that he grew up in Venda under strong venda influence.

Humbulani Tsharani

Who was married to Humbulani?

Humbulani Tsharani was married to Mboneni Jade Tsharani, an actress, but the couple eventually divorced. Their union resulted in the birth of two daughters. Humbulani, the Muvhango star, believes his girls are his source of inspiration and the reason he works so hard. He also has son who look like him.

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Educational background

Tsharani matriculated from Edison Nesengani High School in 2005. Humbulani continued his education after matric at the University of Venda in Limpopo Province.

Career journey in acting

Before making his television debut, Humbulani Tsharani worked in theatre productions. After attending open auditions, he joined Muvhango in 2008, and Bab’ Duma ka Ndlovu maintained him after discovering his talent. Later, he was given the role of Lufuno’s wild boy companion, and then the role of Sangoma, who protects and cures the Vhakwevho, the royal family. Humbulani’s performance as a sangoma is highly convincing; the way he shakes his body, pops his eyes, and groans leads viewers to believe he’s a real-life sangoma.

Humbulani Tsharani
Humbulani Tsharani

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The issue about him being a real Sangoma

Humbulani dismisses Mulimisi’s character dilemma, claiming that he is not like Mulimisi because he is a Christian who attends church and plays instruments there. He remarked on the situation, adding that it irritates him to see people bowing to him for assistance.

“At first it was fun but now it’s a bit annoying. Some people really don’t understand that Mulimisi is just a TV role. Sometimes elderly people bow down in respect and ask me for assistance. I understand it is part of the package and people relate with me like that. The reception really is overwhelming at times. People should understand that is just my TV role,” says Humbulani in an interview with Sunday leisure in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.