Who is Sandile Dlamini? Age and Career.

Who is Phakade or Shongololo on Imbewu?

Sandile Dlamini is a South African actor and musician who was born 26 September 1966 (56 years old). He is best known for portraying a character as Phakade on Imbewu (the seed).

Biography, age, children, career, wife, and Instagram

Name: Vernon Sandile Dlamini
Date of birth: 26 September 1966
Age: 56 years old (2022)
From: Umlazi in KwaZulu-Natal
Occupation: Actor and Musician
Nationality: South African
Gender: Male
Tv shows: Imbewu (the seed)
Known as: Phakade or Shongololo Bhengu

Personal life history

Sandile Dlamini who is known as Shongololo on Imbewu was born and raised in Umlazi in KwaZulu-Natal. His date of birth is on the 26th of September 1956 which means as of 2022 he is 56 years old. In his family we don’t know how many children they are but he has a brother called Lungani Dlamini. Dlamini is a multilingual who is able to speak Swahili, Xhosa, Zulu and English. His religious beliefs are that of a Christian.

According to his Instagram bio he mentioned that he is a God fearing, loving husband and father. So we assume that he is married as well as a father. Among some of his children he revealed his last born on Instagram. The last born is his 20s which means some of his children are adults and might had their own family by now. It’s unknown how many children he has. The name of his wife is unknown so far.

Educational Background

His primary school information is unknown but he attended high school at Menzi High school. After high school, he enrolled to study at Natal Technikon. We don’t know what exactly he was studying.

Sandile Dlamini and his colleague from Imbewu

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He began his career as a musician. The type of music is Maskandi which he started performing in KwaZulu-Natal with his brother Lungani Dlamini. Also he performed with artists like David Hakins a white Maskandi musician. His career journey in acting started when he was old enough. He first appeared on Stockvel season as Little Jerry. In 2015, he got famous after he was featured in Bush Knife.

The year 2018, he finally got a leading role on Imbewu: the seed where he is potraying a character as Phakade Bhengu. Shongololo or Phakade Bhengu is the brother of late Zimele Bhengu on Imbewu. The two were entangled in a family secret which was exposed later on. The secret was that Phakade impregnated his brother’s wife because his brother was impotent. The secret was known by their mother but his brother didn’t know anything. He was convinced that the children were his. The storyline continued until now, Phakade’s wife died as well as MaZulu’s husband. We don’t know if they will get married but they love each other though.

In 2015 Sandile and a group of other South Africans marched to eThekwini (Durban) Mabhida Stadium against Xenophobic violence in South Africa. The banner they were holding were written “South Africa says no to Xenophobia. Let there be peace in our city”.

He was nominated in 2020 for Best Male Actors by KZN awards.

Sandile Dlamini and colleague from Imbewu

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Sandile Dlamini’s is it real?

Since he began acting his beard surprised a lot of people. From his old pictures there are no pictures which show that his beard grow from certain period. This doesn’t mean its not real but only Sandile knows. Real or not real, his beard is his signature in the entertainment industry.