Who is Thapelo Aphiri well known as Javas on Scandal

Thapelo Aphiri
Thapelo Aphiri

The most well-known character South African actor Thapelo Aphiri was born on January 24, 1982,41 years old. He portrays a character as Javas in the television soap opera Scandal.

Biography profile Thapelo Aphiri.

Full name : Thapelo Aphiri
Gender : Male
Age : 41 years old
Date of birth : 24 January 1982
Place of birth : Hammanskraal, Gauteng province
Nationality : South Africa
Occupation : Actor, Creative director, Director and Script writer
TV shows: Scandal
Known as : Javas on etv soap scandal

Early age of Thapelo Aphiri

He was born on January 24, 1982, in the South African province of Gauteng, in Hammanskraal. His mother, a domestic worker, and his father, a high school janitor, both encouraged him to pursue a career in education. However, by the time he enrolled in university, his father had already passed away, so he was largely left to make his own choices.

Education of Thapelo Aphiri

In Hammanskraal, Thapelo Aphiri attended Makgetsi High School. Afterwards, he enrolled in the Pubby Molokwana Sport Academy in Johannesburg to pursue a soccer career, but he was forced to give up after suffering an injury and turned to the arts instead.

He joined at the University of Pretoria in 2004 to pursue a degree in drama and dramatics. In 2012, he received a Bachelor of Arts, or BA, in drama. In two consecutive years, Thapelo was successful in earning distinctions in acting practicals and theatre studies. Also, he developed writing, producing, lighting, stage management, directing, producing, and acting talents.


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Soccer career of Thapelo Aphiri

Thapelo, a former soccer player who is now a star on Scandal, never considered a career in acting. He envisioned playing soccer with one of his soccer idols, such as Benny McCarthy or Cristiano Ronaldo. Of of the roughly 700 participants who attended the Supersports tryouts while he was a matriculant, he placed in the top six. He so played for Tuks till meeting Mike Kambule and finishing in the Power Stars under 20 division.

“Pitso Mosimane, I believe, was the Supersport coach at the time. I started playing soccer after realizing I could have something to contribute. A cousin of mine connected me to Mike Kambule when I was playing for Tuks, and as a result, I received an invitation to join the under-20 Power Stars.”

Acting Career of Thapelo Aphiri

After giving up soccer, Thapelo returned home to Hammanskraal feeling hopeless about the future. He then came across a book of poetry and short stories that reminded him of his artistic abilities, and he decided that he wanted to pursue acting. He then submitted an application to study drama at the University of Pretoria.

Thapelo landed a significant job with a traveling show during his third year of education. They once gave performances in classrooms all around South Africa. Thapelo then left the university and joined a group called Past, where he was able to perform across the nation as well as other African nations like Tanzania. He had not yet graduated at that point, so he made the decision to return to school to complete his degree. His agent was looking for actors for dramas like Home Affairs, Sins and Sinners, Hearts and Dreams, and Scandal at the time he met her.

“At Scandal, I tried out for the role of Bongani. I believe Bongani was the character that sexually abused Dintle in the episode, yeah! I was not given the opportunity, but a few months later I received a call asking me to bring Javas, which was originally simply a bonus feature, Thapelo Aphiri stated.

Thapelo Aphiri
Thapelo Aphiri with some colleagues

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Television shows

. Parable as supporting actor
. Old Mutual Iwyze as TVC Lead
. Scandal! as Javas
. Mmbalenyama
. Man Under Construction
. Shreds and Dreams
. Penguin Films as Client 1
. Vengeance
. Sokhulu and Partners