Xolani Ncobeni biography, age, career, wife and children.

Xolani Ncobeni
Xolani Ncobeni

Xolani Ncobeni is a South African Actor, Musician, Songwriter, Poet and others. He was born on the 16th of December 1977 in a small village called Clermont in Durban KwaZulu. He is best known for being a songwriter and musician. Currently as of 2023, he is best known for potraying a character as Uncle Dan on Scandal. He also appeared in other shows such as Uzalo and Durban Gen.

Biography of Xolani Ncobeni

Name: Xolani Ncobeni
Date of birth: 16 December 1977
Place of birth: Clermont, Durban KwaZulu Natal
Gender: Male
Occupation: Songwriter, Actor, Musician and MC
Nationality: South African
Languages: English and Zulu
Known as: Uncle Dan from Scandal

Early life of Xolani Ncobeni

Uncle Dan from Scandal real name is Xolani Ncobeni. He was born from a small village in Clermont, Durban KwaZulu Natal. His date of birth is on the 16th of December 1977. He will be 46 years in December 2023. Information regards his family is unknown. According to his interview on Black House Entertainment, he narrated his story as someone who grew up in one room. His background is quite inspiring looking at where he is now. This means that nothing is impossible to those who believe.

Growing up in a impoverished family didn’t stop him from pursuing his dreams. He travelled around the world despite being poor at that time.

Personal life of Xolani

Xolani has a daughter who is an adult. It’s unknown where is the baby mama. According to his age, he might be married and have children and wife. The information regards that is unavailable right now because he doesn’t share much about it.

Educational background

One thing about Xolani Ncobeni is that he doesn’t pretend to someone who is educated. He shared on his Facebook that he doesnt have matric. The guy know what he is capable of that’s why he stick his pure talent. Of course he went to school from young age but he didn’t matriculated. Despite that he is very talented and experienced.

Xolani Ncobeni
Xolani Ncobeni

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Career of Ncobeni

At the age of 16, he got a chance to went abroad as a soccer player. Since soccer player wasn’t not for him, he ventured into music. He auditioned for a big music festival which was held outside of South Africa. Luckily, he was chosen among others. He was part of other music group which were touring around the country as well. Later on, in 1990s he got another opportunity to come to Joburg for acting. Unfortunately he didn’t get the role.

He stayed in Johannesburg struggling to make ends meet until he got a chance to become a songwriter. It was not simple to convince people that he was a good songwriter. He wrote music for some big artist including late Mshoza and others. Xolani Ncobeni collaborated with big artist such as Snoop Dogg. Even Big Zulu is one the artist he worked with also. He also released his own album.

As time goes on, he got more connections through a friend to get into acting. His friend Masoja Msiza aka Nkunzi from Uzalo got him an acting gig on Uzalo in 2015. Where he potrayed a character as a policeman. He didn’t appear on Uzalo only but on other soapie opera such as Durban Gen, Moja Love and other platforms. On Durban Gen, he appeared as a patient in hospital.

Artistic has been in his blood for long time that’s why he did a lot of work including dancing as well.

In 2023, Xolani Ncobeni was introduced to our screen on Scandal where he potrayed a character as Uncle Dan. Uncle Dan character is a wicked character. A lot of people could relate with his character since most people has uncles like that.

Xolani Ncobeni
Xolani Ncobeni

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