Lebogang Mgidi

Lebogang Mgidi biography, age, sexuality, and children.

Lebogang Mgidi
Lebogang Mgidi

Lebogang Austin Mgidi, born Lebogang Mgidi, is a South African actor, photographer, and parent. He is most recognized for his role as Linda on Scandal on etv. A guy who poses as a woman in order to obtain a job that was only open to women. In this post, we will go over all we know about the actor.

Biography of Lebogang Mgidi

Full name: Lebogang Austin Mgidi
Date of birth: 26 December 1990s (estimate)
Place of birth: Midrand, Gauteng
Currently resides: Johannesburg South Africa
Education: Studied at Tshwane university of technology
Height: 1.72m
Occupation: Actor, Director and Photographer
Known as: Linda on etv’s Scandal
Accolades: 2x International Award
Nationality: South African

Early life of Lebogang

Lebogang Mgidi is a South African actor, director and photographer. He was born on the 26th of December in the 1990s, in Midrand Gauteng. Due to the opportunity he got in acting, he relocated to Johannesburg where he currently resides. According to his social media platforms, he was raised by Christian believed parents. Lebogang strongly believed in God.

Personal life Of Mgidi

Many people are curious whether Linda from Scandal is gay or transgender in real life. The truth is that he isn’t. Lebogang Mgidi announced to his followers on his Instagram account that he is a parent. Although he hasn’t shared any pictures of his child, he said he is a Father.

That would rule out the possibility of him being gay or transsexual feminine. We don’t know who the baby’s mother is, but we do know he has at least one child. Furthermore, we don’t know the child’s age, gender, or any other information.

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Lebogang Mgidi
Lebogang Mgidi
Educational background

In 2015, Lebogang was still in high school. He attended school at Ponelopele Secondary School. After matric he went to study drama at Tshwane university of technology.

Career of Lebogang Mgidi

Before we begin with the acting. According to his Instagram, Lebogang is a photographer who has received two international honors, most likely in photography.

In 2020, he directed a small play called Pay Back the Curry which was performed at a festival. Also in 2021, he was part of dance called Umnikelo which was performed at State Theatre.

His big breakthrough was on Scandal where he is potraying a character as Linda. Viewers were introduced to the character of Linda in 2023.

Linda from Scandal

Linda is a new character who has appeared on Scandal etv. When he initially appeared on the Scandal drama, he introduced himself as a professor.

At first, he was looking for a job at Malume Mdu. Later, he worked as a social media marketer for CJ. While working for CJ, he realized that NFH is looking for a journalist who is young, active, and full of new ideas. He went to try his luck, only to discover that they were seeking a female employee. So because of that he dressed as female in order to get the job. Luckily he got a job and start working.

After few days of pretending to become a female, CJ discovered that. The pretense didn’t last long and he was exposed and fired at the same time.

Linda was good at his job that a lot of people protested for him. He was brought back to work as male and his character still continues.

Lebogang Mgidi
Lebogang Mgidi

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Social media

Lebogang Mgidi is found on Instagram as @austinlebo underscore Lebogang Mgidi. As well as on Facebook, he has an account called Lebogang Mgidi with 6k followers.