Gay actors who confused men with their beauty.

Khaya Dladla

Gay actors who are beautiful and confused guys if they are ladies or men.

Gay male who has it all, most men lure their beauty but only to found out that they are men. This three gays are Khaya Dladla, Selby Mkhize and Anathi Gobeni.

Khaya Dladla AKA Lazarus on House of Zwide

Khaya who is best known as GC from Uzalo is a gay. He exited the drama although fans loved him, he never come back. Also he is a radio host on Gagasi FM and he is married to Mercury Buthelezi. He is one of the most beautiful gay male in South Africa. His beautiful face looks like a woman and he knows how to dress properly.

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Although he exited Uzalo, he got another new role to act on House of Zwide. In House of Zwide he potray a character as Lazarus. The character is not far from who he is. He is acting as a gay male Lazarus who works at House of Zwide.

Selby Mkhize AKA Lulu on Imbewu

Selby Mkhize

Selby is 32 years old Radio personality and actor. His first appearance on Tv was on Generations as extra actor. Since he is very passionate about radio, if you listen to him on radio you might think its a lady. Most people thought it’s a woman because of his angelic voice.

He is very beautiful that any man might think its a lady. The best thing he knows how to do is make up even some ladies cannot master that. His dressing, his voice and his body any man who does know her might confuse him for a lady.

Recently, he got a role to act on Imbewu, potraying a character as Lulu Mtshali. He is nailing his character because he act as gay male who want to go for transgender process. His grandmother is not supportive of his decision but Lulu is determined to become a woman.

Anathi Gobeni AKA Lindo on Imbewu

Anathi Gobeni

Anathi is gay male from Gugulethu, he is an actor on Imbewu. He potrays a character as Lindo who is a manager of Umsamo.

Anathi is one of the most loved and known gorgeous gay man. Seeing on screen for the first time most men thought he was a woman. Only to find out that he is a man. Anathi rocks on screen with his dreads hairstyles and fashion sense.