Lilian Dube confesses “I used to work as a s*x worker,” .

Lilian Dube
Lilian Dube

Many people are shocked by Lilian Dube’s revelations about her prior life.

On the first episode of Downtime With Somizi, the actress revealed a major surprise.

Lilian was open and honest about her life experiences and what she has been through on the show.

She told Somizi and Mara Louw about a period in her life when she worked as a sex worker. “I am a girl from Lesotho, I have had so many jobs, I have been a domestic worker, a nurse aid, a tea girl,” she explained.

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She then went on to add, “when you speak about prostitutes, I have been that, the children must eat, I must survive. I have done anything for survival but by the grace of God, I am now the most respected and loved actress.”

Lilian Dube

On the stigmatization of prostitution, Lilian said, “when people speak ill of prostitutes, I get so angry because no one ever desires to be a prostitute, circumstances lead them there.”

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