Maumela Mahuwa shared her painful life experience

Maumela Mahuwa
Maumela Mahuwa

Maumela Mahuwa who is well known as Suzan on Muvhango shared her difficult experience in life.

Maumela Mahuwa was raised by her grandmother and aunt in Limpopo. Her mother wasn’t always present, and she only saw her father after her sibling died. On the other hand, the Muvhango actress made it plain that she does not despise her father.

“I had a difficult childhood. My mother abandoned me when I was a small child for five years, and my only brother and I never stayed together. When my mother abandoned me, I moved in with relatives. He’d stopped over to see how I was. He taught me things that my mother should have taught me, which is why he was the only one with whom I had a strong bond.” She said

Maumela Mahuwa
Maumela Mahuwa with her colleague

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Her relatives, she claimed, had ignored and mistreated her on several occasions. I was informed, “I remember them leaving without me when they went on vacation,” but I was neglected. They used to leave me hungry every now and then. My family was never completely behind me. She said, “One of my uncles took me in and let me live with him for a few years.” As a result of these and other causes, the actress became estranged from her mother, who is now deceased.

“Until I was in my 30s, my mother never told me she loved me.” We weren’t very close when she died, but we got along fine.” Unfortunately for the actress, there was more to come. When her sibling was murdered in an accident, she went to see her father. Her connection with her father remains hostile despite her best attempts. “I didn’t get along with my father as well as I did with my brother.” My brother had arranged for me to meet our father, whom I had never met before. Unfortunately, just as we were set to reconnect with my brother, he was murdered in a vehicle accident. “My mother didn’t tell me she loved me until I was in my 30s, and we weren’t particularly close when she died, but we were on good terms.”